The Miracle on the Vistula

20200306_211054000_iOSAugust 15th, 1920.  The Miracle on the Vistula saves the Western Civilization from the Bolshevist hordes.  Although the Soviet Western Offensive of 1918-19 resulted in a general failure, it did not deter Lenin and his co-conspirators (the attempt to conquer the whole world was undoubtedly the crime of the century) from making another attempt to “ignite the World Revolution”. In other words, to invade, conquer and Bolshevize Poland, Germany and other European countries.

Even the indisputable fact that the Soviet Russia was still fighting a very bloody and genuinely existential Civil War did not prevent the Bolsheviks from launching an all-out attack on Poland with the ultimate objective of capturing Warsaw, then Berlin and then all other European capitals.

Which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that from the very beginning the Bolsheviks viewed Russia only as a tool to be used to conquer and destroy the whole human civilization and transform it into a one global totalitarian Communist state.

Poland had its own very much imperialist goals; consequently, the Soviet-Polish war of 1919-20 was essentially the war between two empires – the newly restored small “Polish Empire” and a gargantuan “Red Russian Empire” (the Bolshevist project of conquering the whole world was but a reincarnation of the Russian Imperial “Third Rome” project).

So on April 24th, 1920 the Polish Army unleashed its main strategic offensive tellingly dubbed “Operation Kiev“. Its ultimate objective was to create an independent Ukraine (independent from the Soviet Russia that is) and make it part of Piłsudski’s Miedzymorze (Intermarium) Federation and an ally against the Bolsheviks.

Intermarium was a geopolitical project conceived by politicians in successor states of the former Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in several iterations, some of which anticipated the inclusion as well of other, neighboring states.

The proposed multinational entity would have extended across territories lying between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic Seas, hence the Latinate name Intermarium, meaning “Between-Seas”.

Operation Kiev was a disastrous failure. On June 3rd, the Soviet forces launched a highly successful counterattack, forcing the Polish army to retreat westward in disarray. The Polish forces seemed on the verge of disintegration and thus a decisive Soviet victory seemed to be a foregone conclusion.

It was not to be. Ironically, the Soviet offensive met just about the same fate as the previous Polish one – albeit with far more catastrophic consequences. On August 16, Polish forces led by commander-in-chief Józef Piłsudski counterattacked from the south, disrupting the enemy’s offensive, forcing the Russian forces into a disorganized withdrawal eastward and behind the Neman River.

Western historians consider this victory (aptly labeled the “Miracle on Vistula”) one of the most important battles in the history of the Western civilization – and in the whole human history.

The Polish Army (and its commander – the Chief of Polish State Józef Piłsudski) very literally saved Europe from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks. The Soviet victory would have inevitably led to the creation of a pro-Soviet Communist Poland, and put the Red Army directly on the eastern border of Germany.

Which at the time, thanks to the moronic decisions of the Allied leaders in Versailles a year earlier was no totally defenseless against the mighty Soviets and where there was considerable support for the Soviet invasion – and even for integration with the Soviet Russia.

Hence, the creation of the pro-Russian “German Soviet Federative Socialist Republic” would have been inevitable – with disastrous consequences for Europe and the whole Western civilization.

The Bolsheviks learned their lesson – they recognized that they did not have enough military might to win the “liberation” (essentially, a colonial) war with the “Western capitalists”.

So for the next twenty years they would be building – with the vitally important help of “useful idiots” from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, etc. – a monstrous military-industrial complex (by far the largest in human history). This monster was supposed to launch an all-out assault on Germany in Europe on Monday, June 23rd, 1941.

Fortunately for the whole human civilization, Adolf Hitler launched his own de-facto preventive strike a day earlier – on Sunday, June 22nd, 1941. Thus repeating what Józef Piłsudski did twenty years earlier – saved Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevik hordes.

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