The Ruhr Uprising


March 13th, 1920.  The Ruhr Uprising begins. The Ruhr Uprising of March – April 1920 proved beyond the reasonable doubt that the Left (KPD and their political allies) we no friends of the liberal-democratic Weimar Republic.

And that they crushed the Kapp Putsch (by organizing the general strike) not because the loved the German Republic (in reality, it hated its guts) but only because they hated the Right even more.

The Ruhr Uprising proved beyond the reasonable doubt one more fact: that the Left would seize any and every opportunity to bring down the Weimar Republic and to replace it with the Bolshevist dictatorship. Using brutal armed force if and when necessary. Which made them a genuinely existential threat to Germany.

The Left claimed that they initiated the uprising only to support the general strike called for by the SPD of the German government, the unions and other parties – and thus only to crush the right-wing Kapp Putsch and to save the Weimar Republic from being destroyed by the putschists.

However, it was only a cover, a ruse, a smokescreen for their real objective – to establish the “dictatorship of the proletariat” (i.e. of the German Communists). In fact, the blueprint for such an uprising in the event of a general strike (initiated for any reason) had been developed long before the Kapp Putsch.

The German republican government had no desire to see the repeat of the bloody experience of Bavarian Soviet Republic (or the Berlin March Battles for that matter) so it promptly brought in a combined force of Reichswehr and (predictably) Freikorps.

They were severely outnumbered – the government force of about 10,000 faced the 50,000-strong “Red Ruhr Army” (according to other estimates, it numbered over 80,000 with over Ruhr 300,000 workers supporting it).

However, the Reichswehr and Freikorps has a far superior equipment, organization training (and probably motivation as well). Which ultimately made all the difference – by April 12th, the uprising was brutally suppressed.

This time, none of the leaders of the Communist uprising was Jewish (all were full-bloodied Germans). However, this irrefutable fact did not change the deep-seeded belief of the Nazis that all Communist coups and uprisings were components of one gigantic “global Jewish conspiracy”.


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