The Kapp-Lüttwitz Putsch (2)

AH35Now the gargantuan question is: WHY??? Why on Earth such prominent and powerful individuals – both military and civilian – wanted a total political nobody so badly that they sent a military aircraft (!!!) for him? To Munich, of all places…

Only one rational explanation comes to mind (especially it we recall the statement by Captain Karl Mayr that he ordered Adolf Hitler to infiltrate DAP because he was asked to do so by Erich Ludendorff).

Although the Thule Society was in no way involved in the Kapp Putsch (there is absolutely no evidence that it was), it immediately saw an opportunity to make a quantum leap in executing its Divine Mission.

So they asked Erich Ludendorff (again) to intervene on behalf of Adolf Hitler – and bring the latter to Berlin. Hoping that at some point they would be able to implant Hitler into the future right-wing government (i.e. as a Minister of Propaganda). And subsequently make him a Chancellor – and then the dictator of Germany.

However, although the Thule Society was pretty powerful, it was not omnipotent. Hence, this time they failed – and failed miserably… but only in Berlin. In Munich, the Kapp Putsch was a resounding success.

The Bavarian Reichswehr (a semi-autonomous Bavarian Army) toppled the Social Democratic state government and replaced it with the right-wing regime of Gustav Ritter von Kahr (which treated NSDAP and Hitler personally far more favorably than the Republican government).

However, even in Berlin the putsch was not a complete failure – not by a long shot. First, although on the surface the Weimar Republic survived and crushed the coup, in the long term it received a fatal blow.

The problem was that the Republic did not save itself – it was saved by the Left who promptly organized the general strike (the largest one in German history). The Left who passionately hated the “capitalist” Weimer Republic and saved it only because they hated the Right even more.

And thus will be patiently (or not-so-patiently) waiting the opportunity to bring down the Republic and replace it with a different kind of dictatorship – the Left one. Which the latter proved right then and there – by starting the Ruhr Uprising that I will cover in the next section of this chapter.

In short, the Kapp Putsch resulted in the collapse of the “political center” – the foundation of any liberal-democratic republic. In the next Reichstag elections (on June 6th), the number of votes cast for the center-left SPD and the center-right Democratic Party fell by more than half, compared to the previous (January 1919) elections.

At the same time, while the extreme right-wing German National People’s Party (DNVP) (whose voters eventually switched to the Nazis) and the extreme left-wing USPD gained substantially. Which meant that the so-called “Weimar Coalition” lost its majority in Reichstag and would never regain it.

This radical political change in Germany made the job of Adolf Hitler, his now NSDAP and the Thule Society no less radically easier. Instead of fighting two enemies, who were “frenemies” to each other, the Nazis now had to fight only one – the Lefties (KPD and its allies). The centrist were no longer a serious political opponent.

Another achievement of the putschists was that the Social-Democratic President of Germany Friedrich Ebert had to let the Reichswehr become so independent of civilian authorities that it essentially became “the state within a state”. Which made the job of the Nazis to make the German Army their allies (an absolute must to acquire the dictatorial power in Germany) so much easier.


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