The Spanish Flu and Coronavirus Pandemic


Late 1917. The Spanish Flu epidemic begins. Looks like history is repeating itself (more precisely, God is repeating himself).

In 1917 world faced the existential threat of Bolshevism (the “Red Plague”). Right after this threat emerged in November of 1917, God started the flu pandemic (which is now believed originated… in China).

One year later, one mysterious occult group (the Thule Society) founded DAP – German Workers’ Party. Which subsequently became NSDAP – the Nazi Party. Slightly less than two years later, one Adolf Hitler joined DAP and two years later became its Führer. The Führer who subsequently created a totally unique (and mighty) civilization – the Third Reich.

Which fought and won the existential war with the Bolshevist hordes and saved the Western (and the whole human) civilization from being invaded, occupied and destroyed by the Bolsheviks led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. And thus from being transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth.

True, this war was won at an enormous (and largely unnecessary) price and the Nazis committed horrendous crimes against humanity (which was not only unnecessary but actually detrimental to their Divine Mission). But still, they did win that genuinely existential war.

Today, the human civilization faces the existential threat again – this time it is the “Green Plague” of radical political imperialist Islam. And again, like 103 years ago, God arranged for a flu pandemic that… originated in China.

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