The “25 Points” NSDAP Program

25-point-programFebruary 24th, 1920.  The “25 Points” – official NSDAP Program – is made public. On the very same day the official name of the party from DAP to NSDAP, Adolf Hitler publicly revealed “The 25 Points” – the official program (actually, more like a manifesto) of the Nazi Party.

Contrary to what he subsequently claimed, Adolf Hitler did not author this “NSDAP Manifesto”. In reality, it was put together by Anton Drexler Gottfried Feder and Dietrich Eckart (i.e. by the Thule Society) with Hitler playing only a minor role in its creation.

It was not even unique as it was based on the “Austro-Bohemian Program” developed by Rudolf Jung – one of the leaders of German Bohemian National Socialist movement… and of the Austrian DAP (German Workers’ Party of Austria) founded in 1909, ten years prior to DAP.

In May of 1918, DAP was… renamed into Deutsche National-Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei (DNSAP) – German National-Socialist Party of Austria and… adopted a National Socialist Program, which two years later became the foundation for “The 25 Points” of the NSDAP (in a way, its German clone).

There is no evidence whatsoever that Rudolf Jung had any contact with the Thule Society (at least knowingly). However, it is highly likely that the Society used Jung’s DAP and DNSAP (and his party program, of course) as the foundation for the structures (DAP and NSDAP respectively) and his program as the foundation for “The 25 Points”.

In order not to “reinvent the wheel”, of course, because apparently Jung’s creations worked well enough for Thule to be used as blueprints for their activities in Germany.

I will analyze the “Nazi Manifesto” in a sufficient detail in one of the subsequent chapters of this book. For now, I will only say that it did its job – and did it well. Because its’ primary objective was propaganda – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

According to historian Karl Dietrich Bracher (Hitler’s contemporary and thus an important eyewitness),

“The NSDAP program was little more than an effective, persuasive propaganda weapon for mobilizing and manipulating the masses. Once it had brought him to power, it became pure decoration: ‘unalterable’, yet unrealized in its demands for nationalization and expropriation, for land reform and ‘breaking the shackles of finance capital’. Yet it nonetheless fulfilled its role as backdrop… against which the future dictator could unfold his rhetorical and dramatic talents [as well as political and entrepreneurial ones]”

Still, the program became a powerful tool which made an important (and possibly the vital) contribution to Hitler’s political successes. It helped him make NSDAP the most numerous and influential political party in Weimar Germany, brought him to power (ultimately to dictatorial power) in Germany, transform the overwhelming number of Germans into loyal “soldiers of the Third Reich” and ultimately to win th existential war with the Bolshevist hordes.

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