His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (17)

Vril_SymbolTo really appreciate the value of Hitler’s oratorical skills, we must thoroughly understand his objectives (actually, the objectives of the Thule Society) and the psychology of the whole thing. In other words, how the whole thing really worked.

The ultimate objective of the Thule Society was “reprogramming” of the “critical mass” of Germans (and subsequently of the overwhelming majority of the population of Germany) into active, committed, diehard and highly efficient national-socialists (initially just far-right nationalists as DAP will become NSDAP only on February 24th, 1920).

Consequently, they had to supply Adolf Hitler with tools (actually, make him an almost omnipotent tool) that would work equally well on “three Ns”: nationalists, neutrals and negatives (i.e. opponents).

To “reprogram” his audience (i.e. their heart, minds and souls), Adolf Hitler had to (1) open their hearts, minds and souls – as you can not change anything that is closed; (2) remove the “old content” from “all of the above” – the one that needs to be removed, of course; (3) insert the “new content” into their hearts, minds and couls; and (4) ignite the “Nazi flame”, the drive, the irresistible urge to make the maximum possible contribution to the Nazi cause (i.e. the Divine Mission of the Thule Society).

The “content”, obviously, refers to values, principles, beliefs, objectives, perceptions, etc. of the individual in question.

The urge, obviously, not only to do something tangible and valuable for the Nazi party (i.e. donating one’s money, goods, services, etc.) but also to convince other “3Ns” to do the same (in other words, become the official or unofficial propaganda workers and recruiters for the Party).

Which will quickly trigger a “wildfire”, the “avalanche”, the “chain reaction”, the “viral epidemic even” ultimately bringing the Party to power in Germany and thus enabling it to execute the abovementioned Divine Mission.

The latter, obviously, will require imposing a highly efficient structure (Party structure) on this “Nazi crowd”. The structure that needs to be properly engineered – i.e. designed, implemented and constantly fine-tuned to maximize its performance at all times – regardless of the (inevitable) changes in its highly volatile (to put it mildly) environment.

The Transfiguration provided Adolf Hitler not only with oratorical gifts (which made him the most efficient orator of the 20th century – if not in the whole human history), but with the indisputable capabilities of one of the greatest organizational engineers.

Because he did design and implement exactly the structure that the Nazi party needed to obtain the (ultimately) absolute power in Germany. More than that, after he came to power in 1933, he designed and implemented the structure for not only a unique (and highly efficient) state – the Führerstaat – but of the whole unique civilization. The Third Reich. Civilization that he used to achieve just about all his abovementioned objectives.

The abovementioned “reprogramming”, obviously required utilization of unique, highly efficient and… superhuman and thus supernatural tools. The first one (obviously) is a comprehensive system of “Nazi mantras”.

By definition, a mantra is a sacred utterance – a word, phrase or sentence that has psychological, emotional, spiritual and magical powers. When used by an orator, the mantras are intended to manipulate (let’s call a spade a spade) the audience into doing what the orator wants them to do.

Adolf Hitler very skillfully (albeit mostly unconsciously) constructed and used a whole system of mantras (in other words, he said exactly the right things in a right way to obtain almost absolute power over his audience).

Which ultimately did transform the overwhelming majority of Germans, Austrians and ethnic Germans in Europe into a committed and highly efficient supporters of the Nazi regime and of Adolf Hitler personally.

But mantras by themselves are not enough to do the job – by themselves they simply do not have sufficient power. To open up and reprogram hearts, minds and souls of his audience (let alone ignite the “Nazi flame” in them), Adolf Hitler needed energy.

More precisely, the superhuman, supernatural energy. The most powerful such energy is (obviously) the Divine Grace – the Holy Spirit that emanates from God the Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately (in very literal sense), to get access to Divine Grace, Adolf Hitler had to be… a saint. A Catholic saint, to be more precise. The saint of the caliber of Saint Louis IX of France at least (Adolf Hitler aspired to become essentially the King of Germany).

But Hitler was no saint, to put it mildly. By 1919 he was even worse than a lapsed Catholic (in terms of access to the Holy Spirit, of course). Sure, he was a theist (i.e., a believer in One Almighty God)… but his God was a rather abstract Providence, not the Christian God the Father.

Consequently, for him the access to Divine Grace was verboten. Unavailable. Closed for good. Therefore, he had to get access to some other kind of supernatural energy. And the only one energy that was available to him at that time was the one now commonly known as Vril.

Almost everything written about the Vril energy and the Vril Society (even the very existence of which is disputed by just about all “mainstream” historians) is a bunch of bull, pardon my French.

However, the fact that Adolf Hitler had access to some supernatural energies (otherwise he simply would not have become the greatest orator and the greatest political entrepreneur of the XX century), is an indisputable fact.

Consequently, it would be fair (and probably safe) to conclude that the whole “Third Reich project” (the “Hitler project” was but a core of it) was executed by a two-tiered (and very much occult) structure.

For reasons unknown (most likely, they will remain unknown to the end of days), God entrusted the Divine Mission of saving the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) to a highly mysterious Vril Society. Nothing is known about it for sure… only that it existed in 1919.

The Vril Society somehow established its “front” known as the Thule Society. As it is common in such secret occult societies, no one from the Vril Society was a listed (i.e. official) member of Thule.

However, the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler during the first week of July 1919 was carried out mostly (if not exclusively) by the members of Vril. Among other superhuman changes, they transformed Hitler into a powerful conduit, transmitter, channel of extremely powerful Vril energies.

Energies that gave him the capability of not only opening up and reprogramming hearts, minds and souls of individuals in his audiences, but to get them genuinely addicted to him personally, to NSDAP, to national-socialism. In reality, of course, they were addicted to Vril – an immensely powerful “spiritual drug”.

But it did not really matter. What mattered was that Adolf Hitler got the tools that allowed him to successfully execute his Divine Mission (and the Divine Mission of both Vril and Thule Societies).

To save the Western (and the whole human) Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes. And thus from being transformed into a very genuine Hell on Earth.

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