His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (16)


October 16th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler delivers his first public DAP speech. He was the second speaker of the evening, and there only 111 people in the audience – not exactly a huge crowd.

He gave this speech in the (in)famous Hofbräukeller – a restaurant in Haidhausen (a district in Munich) owned by a Hofbräuhaus brewery (owned by the Bavarian government, believe it or not).

It is a traditional Bavarian restaurant in a cellar with a beer garden which exists to this day (it even has its own Web site). The “Hof” (court) comes from the brewery’s history as a royal brewery in the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Later, Adolf Hitler would write in Mein Kampf that on that evening he suddenly realized that he could really “make a good speech”. Now that was (very literally) an understatement of the century. Because by that time Adolf Hitler was already the greatest orator of the 20th century – the world just didn’t know it yet.

Hitler acquired these genuinely superhuman oratorical skills in two steps – during his Transfiguration (most likely, during the first week of July 1919) and during his “national thinking” and public speaking training in Lechfeld in the second decade of the same month. Both steps were either executed (the first one) or arranged (the second one) by the Thule Society.

Now why would the Thule Society need Adolf Hitler to develop (acquire actually) these supernatural skills? In other words, why were these skills so important for their Divine Mission?

Their Mission was to (1) identify someone who would fight and win the existential war with Bolshevism; and (2) to equip him – at the time it could be only “him” – with all external resources that he would need to fight and win this war. The greatest and the most important war in human history.

To win this existential war, Adolf Hitler (who was The Chosen One) had to transform Germany into a mighty army – a military, political, economic and spiritual superpower. And every German (male and female) into a loyal, obedient and highly efficient soldier in this army.

To achieve this all-important objective, Adolf Hitler had to obtain the absolute power in Germany and transform the Weimar Republic (totally incapable of defeating itself – let alone the whole human civilization – from Bolshevist hordes) into a mighty totalitarian Führerstaat. To make it happen, he needed to create from scratch a powerful political party – or to transform a tiny “political startup” into such an organization.

All of the above required “reprogramming” of the overwhelming majority of Germans (and Austrians as one of the objectives of the Thule Society was the unification of Germany and Austria) into a committed and active nationalists (as it turned out later, into national-socialists – the Nazis).

The Thule Society (and the DAP) already had one tool at their disposal – the Völkischer Beobachter newspaper. However, while it was an excellent propaganda (brainwashing) instrument for an already well-established party and large audiences (as was the radio), the “political startup” needed a very different tool aimed at much smaller groups.

The DAP (and thus the Thule Society) needed an orator. An irresistible orator.

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