The “Gemlich letter”

20191116_203329000_iOSSeptember 16th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler writes the infamous “Gemlich letter”. This letter was the (inevitable) result of speeches (lectures, presentations) that Adolf Hitler delivered in his capacity of an instructor in the “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr.

Apparently he delivered a speech or two (or even more than that) on the so-called “Jewish question” (which in reality existed only in the imagination of Judeophobes). As it usually happens, one of the soldiers in his audience (Adolf Gemlich) sent Adolf Hitler a letter requesting a clarification of the position of the latter on the “Jewish question”.

One must understand that Adolf Hitler delivered his “sermons” in a very much official capacity of the instructor employed by the Bavarian Army. Consequently, his position was perceived as the official position of the latter (which in reality was not the case). Hence, Adolf Gemlich requested clarification of the official Army position on the “Jewish question”.

Instead, he received the latter that presented the personal views of Adolf Hitler – and (obviously) his superior Karl Mayr at that time. Which gives you some idea of the mess the Bavarian Reichswehr was in the fall of 1919.

Like all other Hitler’s speeches, letters and other texts on the “Jewish question”, this one is mostly a highly poisonous bunch of anti-Semitic rubbish. However, it does contain three key statements which are absolutely essential to understanding the Nazi persecution of the Jews – and of the Holocaust.

The first statement is that the Jews are not a religious community – they are a race. Which in reality is not the case. In reality, Jews are a cultural community and thus share the same Jewish culture – but not necessarily the Jewish religion.

It is nurture, not nature, software not hardware and culture, not nationality (let alone the race). Which is actually a standard feature of any other nation – French, British, German, Russian…

Hence the second statement – that Jews do not assimilate – is totally and completely wrong. In reality, more than half of German Jews in the Weimar Republic for all practical purposes were Germans, not Jews. Which means that they had totally and completely assimilated. In fact, many German Jews were more German than Germans “by blood” – the same was true for many Jews in Britain, France, Russia, etc.

The third statement was equally false – and horrifyingly murderous:

“In his effects and consequences the Jew is like a racial tuberculosis of the nations.”

At that time, tuberculosis was not treatable and was essentially a terminal disease – even in special sanatoriums with high-quality care, food, air, etc. the mortality rate was over 50%. Which meant that to save the nation, the Jews had to be incarcerated, deported (i.e. thrown out of the country)… or physically eliminated.

And that’s exactly what Adolf Hitler intended to do. In this letter, he openly stated that

“The ultimate objective [i.e. the solution of the “Jewish problem”] must be the irrevocable removal of the Jews in general”

By the most efficient means available, it is presumed. Hence, the “Gemlich letter” proves beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler planned the total and complete elimination of all Jews from German-controlled territories as early as in 1919.

As it became clear later, his preferred method of making these territories Judenrein (“clean of Jews”) was initially forced emigration – and even deportation; then the infamous “Madagascar Plan” (confinement to a reservation)… and then physical annihilation. The Holocaust.

He also openly stated that the Republican government (i.e. the Weimar Republic) would never ever embark on the “Judenrein” project. Only the nationalist dictatorship (“a government of national strength, not of national weakness”) would.

Hence, it could be safely concluded that in this letter he called for (for the first time) the establishment of exactly such a dictatorship. The Führerstaat.


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