His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (15)

20191106_192128000_iOSJuly 10-19th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler attends the “national thinking” courses. Transfiguration provided Adolf Hitler with the capabilities of the greatest orator of the XX century. But to use these capabilities in the most efficient way, he had to go through at least some basic training in public speaking.

And that’s exactly what he did. For ten days he attended the courses in “national thinking” (i.e. nationalist ideology), public speaking and propaganda techniques at the Reichswehrlager (Army base) Lechfeld near Augsburg.

Judging by the fact that in mid-1920s Karl Mayr became a fierce opponent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party (he even joined the SPD and became the member of its paramilitary force – Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold), he was kept completely in the dark about the whole “special op”.

Consequently, he assigned Adolf Hitler (as an instructor) to the Anti-Communist “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr not because he was ordered to do so (that would have been too suspicious) but because he was genuinely impressed by his oratorical skills during public speaking practice.

Now Adolf Hitler was ready to join the DAP. The party created by the Thule Society for the specific purpose of executing its Divine Mission. To fight and win the existential war with Bolshevist hordes and to save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolsheviks and transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.


September 19th, 1919.  Adolf Hitler joins the DAP – German Workers’ Party. In early September of 1919, Karl Mayr ordered Adolf Hitler to infiltrate then tiny and obscure German Workers’ Party (DAP). Infiltrate, obviously, by attending its next meeting scheduled for September 12th.

It was a rather strange order, because as a member of the “Educational Commando” of Bavarian Reichswehr, Adolf Hitler was supposed to dedicate himself completely to brainwashing his fellow soldiers – not spying on the miniscule political party of no significance (let alone power) whatsoever.

Hence, there is little (if any) doubt that Captain Mayr acted on “orders from above” – again. In his memoirs, Mayr confirmed it, but made the whole thing even more mysterious and strange.

He claimed that it was General Erich Ludendorff who had personally ordered him to have Hitler join the DAP and build it up. There is a little problem with that claim, however – in the summer of 1919 Ludendorff was an unemployed civilian who had no power whatsoever to give any orders to the Captain of German Reichswehr.

We know that in late 1920s Ludendorff and his wife (Mathilde von Kemnitz) founded the Bund für Gotteserkenntnis (Society for the Knowledge of God), a small and rather obscure esoterical and occult society (that survives to this day, believe it or not).

So it is not inconceivable that in the summer of 1919 Ludendorff had some relationship with the Thule Society which chose to ask Mayr to send Adolf Hitler to the DAP meeting via an informal (civilian) rather than official channel. Apparently at the time Captain Mayr held Ludendorff in sufficient respect to honor his request.

So on September 12th, 1919 Adolf Hitler showed up at a regular meeting of DAP members. The main speaker was one Gottfried Feder. When Feder’s talk concluded, Adolf Hitler got involved in a heated political argument (most likely, provoked and orchestrated by the Thule members) with a visitor, one Professor Baumann.

In vehemently attacking the man’s arguments, Hitler made an impression on the DAP members with his oratory skills, and according to him, the professor left the hall acknowledging defeat. Which, given Hitler’s Transfiguration, was very probably true.

Then DAP Chairman Anton Drexler was not officially a member of the Thule Society. Neither was Gottfried Feder, for that matter. However, in every serious occult society (and Thule was a very serious one given its contribution to the annihilation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic) the official list of its members does not mean much.

The real leaders operate in the shadows, behind the scene and their names usually do not show up in the official membership list. Consequently, it would be fair to assume (given the “totality of evidence” about the role of the Thule Society in the ascent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party) that both Drexler and Feder were not only members, but actually the “top brass” of the Thule Society.

Leaders and key members of all serious occult societies are well-trained in tools and techniques of psychological manipulation. Consequently, it is no surprise that Anton Drexler and other DAP leaders (all of which were prominent members of DAP) successfully and quickly (within a week) convinced Adolf Hitler to join their party.

On September 19th, 1919, Adolf Hitler officially became the DAP member #555 (the party began counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party).

Obviously, Hitler had to obtain the consent of his boss (commanding officer) Karl Mayr to join DAP – he was still in uniform. Karl Mayr approved Hitler’s request – but (given the fact that he was kept in the dark about the “special op” of the Thule Society), it is highly unlikely that he – or anyone else in the “chain of command” ordered Adolf Hitler to join the German Workers’ Party.

The most important phase of “Unternehmen Der Führer” was now completed – and completed successfully. Which paved the way for the second phase – seizing power in Germany.

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