His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (14)

20191115_084921000_iOSEarly June of 1919.  Adolf Hitler is recruited as a Special Intelligence and Propaganda Agent of the Reichswehr. Although the actual Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler took place during the first week of July, the real leaders of Thule (and possibly Vril) Society made the corresponding decision two months earlier – most likely, in mid-May.

During the process of “ideological assessment” of Munich-based Reichswehr personnel, Adolf Hitler demonstrated to Thule leaders that he had the potential to become the Führer of Germany and lead the country to victory in an existential war with Bolshevism.

However, it was still only a potential. And there was a minor problem – Adolf Hitler had no desire whatsoever to go into politics (which was one of the reasons why he insisted on his battalion staying neutral during the whole BSR mess).

Hence, to achieve its objective of “creating Der Führer” the Thule Society had to (1) execute the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler; and (2) get him into politics. In reality, they started with (2) and did the (1) in the process.

Adolf Hitler was a quintessential Army Man – and hopelessly so. In other words, he had no civilian skills whatsoever and thus could get into politics only via Reichswehr. Which at the time made complete sense as after it crushed the infamous (and insanely Marxist) Bavarian Soviet Republic the German Army de-facto run Bavaria.

So the Thule Society arranged for Adolf Hitler to stay in uniform while his battalion was disbanded in May of 1919. Then, in early June, he was assigned to the (sufficiently obscure) demobilization office of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.

Around this time the Reichswehr High Command issued a very interesting (and highly revealing) order. Then order openly state that

“the main priority of Reichswehr is to carry out, in conjunction with the [German] police, a strict surveillance of the [German] population … so that the ignition of any new unrest can be discovered and extinguished [preventing the repeat of the Communist coups]”

For all practical purposes, it meant that the Weimar Republic was no republic at all – but essentially a military dictatorship. Although the order was deliberately vague on that issue, in reality the German police was subordinate to the Reichswehr, not the other way around. Especially in Bavaria.

On May 30th, one Karl Mayr (then Captain of the Reichswehr and an officer in its General Staff) was appointed the Director of the newly-minted “Education and Propaganda Department” of the Bavarian Reichswehr, Headquarters 4 (Bavaria was still a semi-autonomous entity in Germany which had its own Army – at least on paper).

This department was created specifically to implement the abovementioned order and in reality was the “Intelligence and Indoctrination Department”. Or even “Surveillance and Brainwashing Department”.

There is no evidence that Karl Mayr had any contact with the Thule Society (let alone was its member). So we can only speculate that he acted on Thule’s requests – or possibly direct orders of Thule members.

Mayr’s superiors – generals von Oven and von Möhl commanded troops that crushed the Bavarian Soviet Republic so it is very much possible that they ordered him to recruit Adolf Hitler after receiving the corresponding request from the leaders of the Thule Society.

Anyway, in early June of 1919, Adolf Hitler joined Mayr’s department as a… Special Agent, I would say. His responsibilities were (predictably) intelligence – both internal and external – and propaganda (i.e. brainwashing).

Hitler’s internal intelligence duties were essentially all about identifying soldiers, NCOs and even officers sympathetic to potential “Red troublemakers” – Communists, socialists, social-democrats, etc.

However, his external intelligence/surveillance responsibilities were the reason for the whole Thule-led “special op” of recruiting Adolf Hitler into Mayr’s department. For a very simple reason – these responsibilities involved infiltrating (and, if necessary, joining) political parties deemed “organizations of interest” by Karl Mayr – and the Thule Society.

But first, he had to receive some vitally important training – right after undergoing Transfiguration. Which made Adolf Hitler the greatest orator of the XX century (and possible in the whole modern history).

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