His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (13)

20191024_093153000_iOSOn May 6th, 1919 Lt. General Burghard von Oven – commander-in-chief of the “White” anti-Communist forces declared Munich secure (i.e. free of Communist insurgents). Although the Hoffman government was nominally restored, the actual power in Munich was now in hands of the military.

Who had every desire (and means) to make sure that this Communist abomination never happens again. Consequently, it is no surprise at all that von Oven and his officers immediately decided to conduct a sweeping “political assessment” of all military personnel in a Bavarian capital. With the ultimate objective to purge the armed forces of all Communist and other left-wing sympathizers.

It is a well-established fact that the Thule Society made a crucial (and possibly even decisive) contribution to the annihilation of the Bavarian Soviet Republic. Hence it is no surprise either that its members had every right to be involved in the abovementioned investigation.

However, they had a very different objective in mind – they were looking for a potential Der Führer. The Chosen One, the Messiah, the Leader who would lead the Party (which the Society has already set up), the Reichswehr and the whole German people to victory in a genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist hordes (the Soviet Russia and its fifth columns in Germany, Austria and other European nations).

Society members infiltrated just about every “investigation team” and listened carefully to all officers and enlisted men interviewed by the latter. Searching for a potential Der Führer.

It appears that they found their man in Adolf Hitler – his answers to the interview questions (i.e. his whole presentation of himself) proved it beyond the reasonable doubt. Consequently, when his battalion was disbanded in late May of 1919, Hitler was allowed to stay in the Reichswehr. Much to his delight as the Army was the only environment he was comfortable in.

Now the Society had to find the way to insert Adolf Hitler into their political party. The German Workers’ Party. The DAP. Fortunately, there was an easy and all but effortless way to make it happen.

However, sometime along the way they had to perform a Transfiguration on Adolf Hitler. To transform… still essentially a nobody into a political genius, the greatest orator in modern times, the most highly gifted political entrepreneur and ultimately one of the greatest statesmen of the XX century.

Then Thule Society (possibly powered by the mighty Vril energies) had just about everything to make this Transfiguration happen. However, they still needed another external shock. The shock that would make their job so much faster and easier – almost effortless.

On June 28th, exactly five years after the fateful Sarajevo assassination, the governments of Great Britain, France, the USA, Italy and Japan (victorious “principal Allied powers”) delivered exactly such a shock.

By forcing Germany (essentially at gunpoint) to sign the infamous – and disastrous – Treaty of Versailles.

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