His Timeline – the “Micro-Biography” of Adolf Hitler (11)

20190907_201639000_iOSOn October 15th, 1918, less than a month before the Armistice (talk about timing!), Adolf Hitler was severely poisoned by the mustard gas (ironically, a German invention) used by the British forces against the German infantry.

This poisoning resulted in a temporary (although at the time it was not certain at all) blindness which changed Adolf Hitler in at least one fundamental way. And, very probably, in two ways.

Although in a few days Adolf Hitler could see again, he still sustained a permanent damage to his vision. This damage made it impossible for him to paint or draw – and thus shattered his dream of ever becoming a famous painter. Or a famous architect for that matter. So he had to choose another career path… and the rest, as they say, is history.

The second change in Adolf Hitler that could have happened, is an almost pure speculation. Almost because 16 years earlier another fellow Austrian – one Guido von List – went through a period of temporary blindness, which resulted in a profound spiritual, mystical, psychic and paranormal “quantum leap”.

After he restored his vision, Guido von List developed Armanen runes – a whole new runic system which is currently probably the most widely used runic system (Futharkh) in modern esotericism, Germanic Neopaganism and by the practitioners of runic magic. Actually, von List claimed that the Armanen Futharkh was revealed to him during his blindness ordeal.

Hence, it is entirely possible that during the period of temporary blindness Adolf Hitler (via some kind of revelation) became suddenly aware of his mystical gifts – or at least of a significant chunk of them. And started to develop at least a vague idea of his Divine Mission.

Right after he regained his eyesight, Adolf Hitler experienced another shock of his lifetime. Actually, two shocks – in a rapid succession (within just three days). First, on November 9th, 1918 the German monarchy was abolished (eliminated actually) by the Revolution and the Imperial Germany (the “Second Reich”) was transformed into what would become a so-called Weimar Republic.

Two days later, the representatives of the new German government signed the Armistice – which for all practical purposes was the unconditional surrender of Germany to its victorious adversaries (the Allied nations).

It is certainly possible (not certain, of course, but possible) that, being already a quintessential “Army man”, Adolf Hitler (right after the Armistice was announced) began to seriously consider going into politics.

With the ultimate objective of “radically reengineering” the Weimar Republic into an Army-like structure that would ultimately become the Führerstaat – the Third Reich (although at that time Adolf Hitler undoubtedly had a vague idea of what it should be).

And, of course, acquiring sufficient Lebensraum (“living space”) in the East to make sure that the horrors of the Great Hunger (that started in 1917 as the result of the British Blockade of Germany – at the time still very much in effect) never ever happen again.

After his combat experience in the trenches of the Western front, Adolf Hitler had all but one “Ds of success”. Desire, Determination, Discipline and Dare. And, of course, Faith in himself and his abilities. He also – thanks to the “blessing in disguise” of temporary blindness – had awakened his supernatural gifts.

Consequently, he had everything to make the Quantum Leap to becoming the political genius entrepreneur and a great statesman. In other words, he had everything for a successful transfiguration. All he needed was some Divine Guidance that would lead him to those who could make this transfiguration a reality.

To the Thule Society.

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