Hungarian Soviet Republic

306px-Hungarian_Government_1919March 21st, 1919.  Hungarian Soviet Republic is established in Budapest. The Republic of Councils in Hungary (the correct way to translate its official name from the Hungarian language) was a short-lived – it existed for only 133 days Communist state. It was a so-called “rump state” –it controlled roughly ¼ of Hungary’s classic pre-World War I territories.

It was essentially the temporarily successful “pilot project” of Comintern (i.e. of the Bolshevist leadership of the Soviet Russia and of its leader Vladimir Lenin) to use the Communist “fifth column” to seize power in the European country. With the ultimate objective of transforming the unfortunate nation in question into the Communist hellhole (in a very natural sense).

Although the de jure leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic was its President Sándor Garbai, de facto the full dictatorial power in the “republic” was in the hands of its Commissar of Foreign Affairs Béla Kun.

Who, incidentally maintained direct contact with Lenin via radiotelegraph. Which made him… well, a “puppet of the Kremlin” (i.e. of the Bolshevist leaders of Soviet Russia and personally of Vladimir Lenin).

Predictably, the Communist government also nationalized industrial and commercial enterprises and socialized housing, transport, banking, medicine, cultural institutions, and all landholdings of more than 40 hectares. Thus committing “the crime of the century” in the unfortunate country.

Not surprisingly, these measures were highly unpopular (to put it mildly) in just about every social group – with the exception of the industrial workers in major cities. Resistance was widespread and ruthless – which predictably led to the formation of death squads (aptly named Lenin Boys) by the Communist government.

These death squads terrorized the population (often executing their victims without trial) and severely persecuted the Christian Church. Not a smart thing to do in an overwhelmingly Catholic country.

By mid-summer Social Democrats and their allies decided that they had enough and launched an anti-Communist coup. The coup failed – and the reprisals were predictably harsh (almost 600 real and perceived “anti-Communists” were executed by “revolutionary tribunals” during the Red Terror).

Unfortunately for them (and ultimately fortunately for Hungary), Bela Kun and his partners-in-crime took the declared objective of Comintern way too seriously. In June of 1919, the Hungarian Red Army invaded the eastern part of the newly-forming Czechoslovak state (today’s Slovakia) – the former so-called “Upper Hungary”.

But instead of restoring the pre-war borders of Hungary (which the Communists had promised to do when they came to power), they… declared the establishment of the Slovak Soviet Republic on June 16th, 1919.

This was not what Hungarian nationalists had in mind at all so they openly rebelled against the Communists. In no time the Hungarian Red Army all but disintegrated. The Romanian forces (Bela Kun and his cronies were dumb enough to start a war with Romania as well) launched a decisive offensive and on August 6th entered Budapest. The Communist rule in Hungary was over.

Bela Kun and his government fled (ultimately to the Soviet Union). Which turned out to be a big (even deadly) – mistake. During the infamous Great Purge of 1937-38, he was arrested by NKVD and after a brief incarceration and ruthless interrogation, was hauled before a “troika” (Stalin’s kangaroo court) on charges of being the leader of a “counter-revolutionary terrorist organization.”

In about 10-15 minutes – which was a standard procedure at that time – he was (predictably) found guilty and sentenced to death. The sentence was carried out later the same day at the infamous Kommunarka shooting ground.

From the “life and death of the Hungarian Soviet Republic”, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis derived two key conclusions. First, that the Bolshevist Soviet Russia (subsequently the Soviet Union) were the existential threat to European countries, Europe and the whole Western civilization. Which was undoubtedly correct.

The second conclusion was no less undoubtedly incorrect. It was derived from the undeniable fact that Bela Kun and his close associate György Lukács – the theoretician of the Hungarian version of the red terror (and a mass murderer himself) were Jewish.

As were other Communist leaders – József Pogány (also subsequently executed during the Great Purge in the Soviet Union), Tibor Szamuely (People’s Commissar for Military Affairs), Jeno Landler (commander-in-chief of the Hungarian Red Army), etc., etc.

Hence, the Nazis (incorrectly) viewed the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the whole Communist project as the key component of the “global Jewish conspiracy” to establish full power and control over our world (i.e. the whole human civilization). Which for practical purposes meant destroying the latter and transforming it into a global totalitarian Jewish-dominated Bolshevist state.

Subsequently ignoring the no less undeniable fact that Bela Kun (and thousands and thousands of Jews by blood) were arrested, tried, sentenced to death and executed by the Bolshevist Soviet state.


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