Scientifically Correct versus Politically Correct (2)

Political correctness is a totalitarian ideology – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Its fundamental principle (and demand!) is to ban all public speech – oral, written and printed, that might (might!!) offend even one social group that PC fanatics deem “disadvantaged”, “vulnerable”, “exploited”, etc. Blacks, Jews, Muslims, women, gays, transgenders, et cetera, et cetera.

This principle and demand makes political correctness very similar to Bolshevism (that PC fanatics usually admire), national-socialism and fascism (which they pretend to hate).

Hence conservative opponents of political correctness are 100% correct (no pun intended) when they call PC a purely fascist ideology. Because you can have either the freedom of speech (the cornerstone of free democratic society) or political correctness – but never both at the same time.

Applied to non-fiction history books, political correctness means that all facts, explanations, theories, etc. that might (might!!!) offend the Jews, the liberals, the Slavs or any other social group must be banned.

Only those facts and explanations are permitted that do not offend anyone. Oh, and lies are OK – if they make the abovementioned social groups comfortable (i.e. create emotional value for them).

These demands, obviously, make political correctness pure propaganda (“agitprop”) – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Propaganda that has (obviously) nothing to do with science. Which automatically means that you can have either science (which is seldom – if ever – politically correct) or political correctness, but never both at the same time.

Unfortunately, the “PC lobby” became so powerful these days – and just about in every Western nation – that “professional” (i.e. “mainstream” or “official”) historians have to either cave in to the demands of “PC fanatics” or leave their universities, research centers, government jobs, etc.

This enormous pressure from the “PC lobby” is another reason why practically all “research” done and books (and papers, and articles and blog posts) published by the “mainstream” historians of the Third Reich are (to put it mildly) incomplete and misleading – and thus create a highly distorted and woefully incomplete perception of the Third Reich and its environment (especially of the Soviet Union).

Somebody has to remedy this totally unacceptable situation – and this person is going to be me. Consequently, I am proud to announce that while I will do everything possible (and even humanly impossible) to make my books totally and completely scientifically correct, they will inevitably be devastatingly politically incorrect.

In other words, I do not care a damn (pardon my French again) if any of my books offends anyone – it is their problem, not mine. And I do not care either if it delivers a devastating blow to Russian state, for example (or any other state for that matter). To any state (or any organization) that to a very significant extent is built on lies about the history of the first half of the XX century.

I am responsible (before God and my conscience – and no one and nothing else) for one thing only. Look for the Truth, find the Truth and preach the Truth with all power at my disposal. And damn the consequences – literally.

Whatever can be destroyed by the Truth (no matter how big or “important”) – MUST be. Because nothing of value can be built on lies. Nothing. Ever.


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