New (and hopefully final) Structure and Logic of the Book (2)

As I have already mentioned, I am Roman Catholic by faith. A lapsed Catholic, sure (due to my fundamental disagreements with the heretic Francis and his clique), but a Roman Catholic nevertheless.

Consequently, I believe in the existence of God and Devil; of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Mother Blessed Virgin Mary; of Heaven and Hell (and of other places in the invisible, intangible, spiritual world); of saints in Heaven and sinners in Hell; of angels, demons and other invisible, intangible, spiritual beings; of supernatural (paranormal) phenomena and take occult practices and magic (both “black” and “white”) very seriously.

Unlike many (if not the overwhelming majority) Catholics, I do not separate my work and my faith. I also firmly believe (and can prove it) that the Catholic faith and the science of history (or any other science for that matter) are not only not mutually exclusive, but in reality complement each other.

This belief is reflected in the paradigm that I use in this book and will use in all other books in the “Comprehensive Guides” series. In fact, this paradigm is built on this very fundamental belief – and on a synergy between science and Catholic faith.

This paradigm is presented in a sufficient detail in the third chapter of my book (which is the final chapter in the first part – the Methodology). In addition, this chapter introduces the all-important concept of national-sociopaths, describes in sufficient detail the highly erroneous (and criminal) nature of Nazi ideology and presents the scientifically correct (as opposed to politically correct) approach to analyzing, evaluating and judging Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (both the individuals and their actions).

As it is common in such books, the Main Content (“Main Body”) of the book begins with the Timeline that presents the key events in the life and career of Adolf Hitler. However, the next chapter (the first chapter proper) in the main part of the book is not just very different from any other book on Adolf Hitler but absolutely unique.

I called this (the fourth) chapter “Adolf Hitler in His Own Words”. It contains extensive quotes (in fact, all quotes that I considered worthy to present and analyze) from three key sources: Mein Kampf (obviously), his unnamed “Second Book” and his Political Will and Testament (the last document that he authored in his life).

True, Adolf Hitler committed monstrous crimes (in some respect, possibly the worst crimes in human history). Still, being raised (in a way) in the United States of America, I firmly believe that even the worst criminal in human history must be given a chance to explain himself and his actions and present his position. And so I decided to include this chapter into my book – with my detailed analysis of every statement made by Adolf Hitler in these documents.

The most fundamental flaw of every book about Adolf Hitler in existence is that it presents a one-dimensional (and thus woefully incomplete) picture of Der Führer. The “mainstream” books present him as criminal; the “revisionist” ones (which are essentially neo-Nazi propaganda) as some kind of a “mythical hero”.

Hence one of the biggest competitive advantages of this book is that it portrays (in the fifth chapter) Adolf Hitler in all astounding complexity of his absolutely unique personality. And describes what he really wanted – for himself (of course), but mostly for his deeply beloved Germany.

It shows him as a criminal (of course), but also as a mystic (and a very powerful one at that), a political entrepreneur (initially the most successful in modern history), the great politician and statesman, the great revolutionary, the great architect (a reengineer actually), a war hero, a genuine patriot of Greater Germany (which included both Germany proper and his native Austria), the great orator (one of the greatest in modern history), a highly accomplished (initially) military commander and a great conqueror (comparable to Genghis-Khan, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and others of the same caliber).

A national-socialist and a national-sociopath (the latter was probably more important than the former). The leader of a totalitarian destructive quasi-religious cult (his Third Reich was exactly that). And, of course, a genius. A dark and criminal genius, sure – but a genius nevertheless.

Which, unbelievably, did not prevent him from becoming the genuine (albeit not exactly intentional, unconscious and even unwilling) Servant of God – and possibly the most accomplished one in modern history.

At a horrendous (and mostly unnecessary) cost, Adolf Hitler successfully accomplished his Divine Mission – saving Germany, Europe, the Christian Church, the whole Western (i.e., Christian) Civilization and very possibly the whole human civilization from being conquered, occupied, destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth by the Bolshevist hordes led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. I will describe this Mission – and this genuinely existential war – in the sixth chapter of my book.

The seventh chapter will analyze (in the appropriate detail, of course) individuals, forces and structures that created Adolf Hitler. I will devote a special, attention to the (in)famous Thule Society – an occult organization responsible for a genuinely miraculous transfiguration in the summer of 1919.

The transfiguration that transformed a total outcast, a complete misfit in a civilian life, a hopeless loser, the one who has never managed even one individual (and never aspired to) into the most successful political entrepreneurs in modern history, a great orator, politician, leader and statesman, creator of possibly the most unique and complex civilization in human history, military commander who fought the existential war with the seemingly invincible Bolshevist hordes – and saved his beloved Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth. And to an indisputable genius, of course.

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