Why the World Needs the Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler

Contrary to a very popular misconception, the science of history (i.e. historical Truth) is not about the past – it is about the future. Our future – and the future of our children and grandchildren.

We all want to build a happy, stable and secure future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. However, our future can be built only on our present – and on our past, as past-present-future is an unbreakable continuum.

We always have a choice: we can build our future on either lies about our past – or on the historical Truth. However, the reality is that building anything on lies is building on sand – whatever structure is erected, will inevitably collapse, with devastating consequences for anyone involved (and for all occupants of the structure obviously).

Consequently, a stable, secure and happy future can be built only on a rock-solid, granite foundation of a historical Truth. The Truth about key individuals, systems (i.e. states and countries), other objects, events, processes, projects, etc.

It is an indisputable fact that Adolf Hitler was one of the most influential political (and military) leaders and statesmen of the XX century who to a very significant extent shaped (and continues to shape even nowadays) our world. So was Joseph Stalin. And, obviously, the unique civilizations that these two leaders created – the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) and the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, the Truth about these individuals – and their civilizations – is a very important (even crucial) component of the foundation for our future. And the future of our children and grandchildren, obviously.

Unfortunately, both of these components (especially the Truth about Adolf Hitler and his Führerstaat – the Third Reich) leave much to be desired. In other words, existing books, articles, research papers, documentaries, etc. create a highly distorted, woefully incomplete and thus grossly inaccurate perception of “all of the above”.

There are two key reasons for this totally unacceptable situation. First, “official” (“mainstream”) history still have not severed its wartime Allied propaganda roots. Hence, just about all “official” (“mainstream”) historians are not historians at all but (conscious or unconscious) propaganda workers.

Who – by definition – are not interested in uncovering, structuring and disseminating the historical Truth (as they should be) but only in manipulating the population of the corresponding countries to achieve certain political objectives.

They appear to sincerely believe that these objectives are worthy of spreading lives (let’s call a spade a spade) about the history of Europe and the world in general. Unfortunately for them and their audiences, they are wrong – in reality, the world that they have built after the end of the Second World War is already crumbling. And will inevitably collapse as will collapse any and every structure built on the “sand of lies”.

The second reason is far more fundamental than the first one. As history is all about knowledge management (mining knowledge from enormous amounts of data and information), a competent historian must be well-trained and well-experienced in managing data, information and knowledge.

This knowledge management job is made even more difficult by the enormous complexity of the Third Reich – which was probably the most complex civilization (the most complex system in human history). Hence, a competent historian of the Third Reich must be well-trained and well-experienced in systems analysis.

Unfortunately, no “official” (“mainstream”) historian (or even an organization, for that matter) possesses the required knowledge, skills and experience in knowledge management or systems analysis.

Hence, all books and other resources on Nazi Germany suffer from the proverbial “blind men and the elephant” problem. Which, indeed, creates a highly distorted and grossly incomplete perception of the Third Reich (and of the whole European history of the first half of the XX century).

The so-called “revisionist history”, alas, suffers from the same problems. Most of it is also not genuine history, but simply a different kind of propaganda (only pro-Nazi, not neo-Nazi). And so-called “revisionist historians” are as incompetent in systems analysis and knowledge management as their “official” counterparts. Consequently, we can not build a happy future for ourselves and our children on the “revisionist history” either.

Our happy future can not be built on lies, errors, distortions, misconceptions and propaganda – but only on the Truth about our past, whatever that Truth happens to be. Consequently, it is vitally important to uncover and disseminate (preach, if you will) the Truth about Nazi Germany and the whole European history of the first half of the XX century.

And that’s precisely the fundamental objective of this book – and of the whole series of books about the Third Reich – “The Comprehensive Guides to Nazi Germany”.

Following the “three-tier” approach (see my previous post), I will use my education, skills and experience in knowledge management and systems analysis (as well as in economics, finance, individual and social psychology, criminal profiling, etc.) to identify (uncover), structure and present the key knowledge about Adolf Hitler (the key components of his “criminal profile”, if you will). This knowledge will become the content of my first book that I firmly intend to complete by February 28th, 2020.

Using this book as a starting point, a springboard and a bootstrap, I will put together a comprehensive “criminal profile” of Adolf Hitler. Which will become the content of my second book: “A Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer”.

Then, book by book (see the list of books in the series), I will create a comprehensive portrait, profile and description of probably the most complex (and the most unique) civilization in human history – the Third Reich. Thus assembling one of the key components of the rock-solid foundation of Truth for building a genuinely happy future for all of us – and for our children and grandchildren.

So help me God.


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