A New Book Concept – and Now a Firm Deadline

I am happy to announce that I have (finally) established a firm date for the completion of the first draft of my book – February 28th, 2020. Not surprisingly (given the content of my book), it is the 87th anniversary of the (in)famous Reichstag Fire Decree (Reichstagsbrandverordnung).  Which – for all practical purposes – transformed the Weimar Republic into the Führerstaat – the Nazi Germany (The Third Reich).

As it often happens, the book to be completed will be substantially different from what I initially planned. After a long internal deliberation, I decided to use a “three-tier structure” (of sorts) for my books.

The book to be completed on 02/27/2020, will have a slightly different title than the one I was working on until roughly mid-December of 2019 – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler: What You Need to Know about Der Führer”.

This book will be a part of “The Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler: Everything You Need to Know about Der Führer”. And this book will be the first one in a roughly 20-book series “The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany: Everything You Need to Know about the Third Reich”.

This three-tier structure was inspired by two factors. First, a well-known command to any writer, whether fiction or non-fiction: “The first draft does not have to be perfect – it just has to be written (completed)”.

The second factor was another book that I had (finally) completed – in about ten days, believe it or not. The book is in Russian (my native language) and its title is «Чужой против Хищника – Гитлер против Сталина» (“Alien vs. Predator – Hitler vs. Stalin”).

It is a 210,000 – word book (roughly 750 pages) which is essentially a collection of articles that I had written in about ten years – mostly on the history of the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany. However, the “final product” turned out to have an extremely powerful synergy and thus (I believe) is totally unique and highly valuable to all Russian-speaking individuals interested in the abovementioned subjects.

I will, of course, publish and market this book in due time; however, at this moment it is not a priority for me – for two reasons. First, the Russian-speaking market is way too small – an order of magnitude (at least) smaller than the English-speaking market; and second, the content of this boo, though legal in every civilized country, is highly uncomfortable (to put it mildly) to Russian authorities who have been spreading lies about the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the whole history of the XX century for many decades.

Hence, I fully expect this book to be banned in Russia in no time. Which is not good for business, of course (and my book projects are business ventures intended to yield a healthy return on investment in terms of both money and effort).

Therefore, I decided to use the book in Russian as a blueprint of sorts for the “intermediate” book in English. Which, although not as valuable to Third Reich history buffs as the originally conceived version, will be sufficiently unique and valuable to make some decent money. And, of course, prepare the market for the “Comprehensive Guide to Adolf Hitler” and the subsequent books of “The Essential Guides” series.

Most (in fact, the overwhelming majority) of the content of this book will be assembled from what I have already written on the subject; however, I will add a few chapters (on the Holocaust, Soviet existential threat to human civilization, etc.).


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