Three Introductory Questions to Everyone

By everyone I mean literally everyone – every adult (and young adult) individual on our planet.

  1. It is February 28th, 1933. You are Adolf Hitler – the Chancellor of Germany. Reichstag has just been burned. What would you do – and why?
  2. Who was the existential threat to the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) – Hitler or Stalin? Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? And why?
  3. Up until the age of 30, Adolf Hitler was a nobody. An outcast, a misfit, an outcast and a total loser in a civilian life – with a zero experience in management. During the next 20 years he became one of the most successful political entrepreneurs, politicians and statesmen in modern history? How did this transformation happen?

Obviously, I answer these questions in my book, but I am genuinely interested in the opinions of not only Third Reich history buffs, but of the “ordinary Jane and Joe” as well. “Jane and Joe” of all European, North American and other nations.

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