The “Black Singularity Event” of 1914


The Second Existential War (existential for the human civilization that is) between God and Satan – a “proxy war” of course – began roughly in 1845 when Satan acquired his first “human weapon” (out of tens of millions). Karl Marx who has just “snapped” after being stripped of his Prussian citizenship and thus became an outcast par excellence.

However, for almost 70 years this war was latent (“cold” if you will). It became open (i.e. “hot”) on a very specific date – June 28th, 1914 when one Gavrilo Princip, a member of the very much terrorist organization Mlada Bosna (“Young Bosnia”) shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg.

Which was a so-called “Black Singularity Event”. By definition, a Singularity Event (more precisely, a Social Singularity Event as opposed to Technological Singularity Event) is an incident that radically changes the human society – and even the whole human civilization.

Such events are quite rare (for obvious reasons). In the 20th century, there were only two such events – the “Black” event on the abovementioned date and the “White” event almost twenty years later – on February 27th, 1933 (the Reichstag Fire).

The “Black” event was very much inspired by the Devil while the “White” one (which was a reaction to the first one of sorts) by the Almighty Christian God. Who actually used the first one in His existential war against Satan (the latter always does God’s job one way or the other – although, obviously hates it).

The change was radical indeed – the abovementioned assassination made the First Great War inevitable (more about that in a moment) and this war led to the demise of all three land empires – Austro-Hungarian, Russian and the Ottoman (the latter created a horrible mess in the Middle East which is an enormous pain in the butt even today), collapse of the Imperial Germany, establishment of the Bolshevist dictatorship in Russia (and the Nazi one in Germany), Stalin’s attempt to conquer the world, Hitler’s “Lebensraum Endeavor” and the Second Great War – the most devastating war in human history.

Satan’s objective was cur and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear – give the Bolsheviks unlimited power over the immense, mammoth, gargantuan resources of Russia (human, material, industrial, scientific, technological, etc.) and thus the ability to do what Satan wanted all along.

Invade, conquer and destroy the human civilization as we know it (“clearing the place” for building his kingdom on Earth) and annihilate the Christian Church thus removing the spiritual defenses which prevented the Devil from entering our world and transforming it into a very literal Hell on Earth.

However, Satan (like God) has no other hands but ours to do what he wants to be done. This time, he had not one hand available to him, but four. Bosnian national-terrorists, Serbian mini-imperialists, Russian Imperialists and French revanchists (roughly in that order).

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created in 1919 by the “criminals of Versailles”), neither Germany nor especially Austro-Hungarian Empire wanted the all-European war. For a very simple reason – it was an unacceptably risky endeavor.

A multinational and multicultural Austro-Hungary had very serious difficulties keeping itself together even in the times of peace so the strain of war would inevitably tear it apart (which it did). Thus radically weakening Germany making its defeat in the European war inevitable (and that’s exactly what happened).

By 1914 the military union of France and Russia was so strong that going to war with the one inevitably meant triggering the war with another. And, very possibly, with mighty Great Britain for which German hegemony in Europe was unacceptable.

Which meant the war on two fronts deemed unwinnable (actually disastrous) by Otto von Bismarck – the de-facto founder of the Second Reich and a highly respected political and military leader.

The “other side”, however, had very powerful incentives to go to war – worthy of the risks (which they considered acceptable). Bosnians wanted independence for their Muslim nation (which they did not get); the Serbs wanted to establish a Greater Serbia – a mini-empire of Slavic nations on the Balkans (which they got, albeit under a different name – Yugoslavia); the Russians wanted to destroy Austro-Hungarian Empire and radically weaken Germany to become a dominant power in the Balkans and in the Eastern Europe (and the Ottoman Empire to get control over the Bosporus Straight and ideally Constantinople)… and the French wanted to get Alsace-Lorraine back and to dominate the Western Europe (continental Europe, of course).

The key individuals that triggered this “Black Singularity Event” were Sergey Sazonov (Russian Foreign Minister and the informal head of the “party of war” in Russia), Nicholas Hartwig (Russian Ambassador in Belgrade and a de-facto ruler of Serbia), Colonel Dragutin Dimitrijevic (a.k.a. “Apis”) – head of the Serbian military intelligence and of the Black Hand secret terrorist society (which created, armed and run Mlada Bosnia – as well as planned and executed the Sarajevo assassination) and Danilo Ilic who was the guy who coordinated this whole thing.

Dragutin Dimitrijevic was no stranger to regicide – on 11 June 1903, the group stormed the royal palace and killed both Serbian King Alexander and his wife Queen Draga. So there is little (if any) doubt that he was the mastermind of the Sarajevo assassination.

Which he publicly acknowledged during his trial in Thessaloniki in 1917 where he got a well-deserved (many times over) death sentence which was promptly carried out by a Serbian firing squad. He admitted that he essentially acted on Russian orders which made his conviction of treason very appropriate.

The four driving forces behind the Sarajevo assassination were Bosnian nationalism (made even more powerful by the Muslim radicalism), Serbian mini-imperialism, French desire for revenge against the Germans and the Russian imperialism.

Which was but a modern-day manifestation of Russian Messianic Orthodox Imperialism – a key component of “Satan’s fusion bomb”.


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