Comintern as the “Trigger Event”

480px-Comintern_Logo.svgAlthough the Satan started the “hot” phase of the Second Existential Proxy War with God (for the total control over Planet Earth) on June 28th, 1914, it took him almost five years to create a genuinely existential threat to the Christian Church, Western (i.e. Christian) Civilization – and thus to the whole human civilization.

More precisely, to accumulate the “critical mass” that created such a threat – and finally forced God to fight back. Starting with creating his own “human weapon” – post-transfiguration Adolf Hitler – the most gifted and accomplished political entrepreneur (he did win the existential proxy war, after all) in human history.

Winning this existential war was Hitler’s Divine Mission (of which, let’s be frank, he was blissfully unaware being too consumed by the colonial idea of Lebensraum and other similar endeavors).

And, of course, the Divine Mission of organizations that he created – NSDAP (the “Nazi Party”), Wehrmacht (to a certain extent, it was his creation as well), the Sturmabteilung, the SS… and the whole Third Reich (the Führerstaat). And, of course, of all members of these organizations (and even of the ordinary Germans). Who were almost all blissfully ignorant of their Divine Mission as well.

There is little, if any, doubt that God’s decision to (finally) fight back was triggered by… no, not the “Second Black Singularity Event”, of course as it was nowhere as significant as the first one, but an important event nevertheless.

This crucial “trigger event” was the establishment of Comintern (“Communist International” or the “Third International”) by the Bolshevik leaders of the Soviet Russia on March 2nd, 1919 in Moscow – then already a new-old capital of now Soviet Russia.

The publicly declared objective of Comintern was

“to use all available means, including armed force, to overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state”

Translated into the “normal” (i.e. non-communist) language, it meant that the objective of the Comintern was to conquer (by military invasion of the Red Army and/or armed uprising of the Communists on the inside) and destroy the existing human civilization as we know it.

Including, obviously, the Christian Church (Bolsheviks and thus the whole Comintern were not just atheists, but committed anti-Christians and sworn enemies of all religions which they openly called “the opium for the people”).

And subsequently transforming it into the global totalitarian Bolshevist state which in 1922 go the name “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” – no reference to Russia at all. Its coat of arms (actually taken from Comintern) was hammer and sickle – the official symbols of Bolshevism – over the whole planet. Which left no doubt about the ultimate objective of the Bolsheviks in general – and their “Third International” in particular.

However, to achieve these objectives, the Bolsheviks (and the Satan), of course, needed a mighty weapon. A genuine weapon of mass destruction. A “fusion bomb”.

The main component of which was the Russian Orthodox Messianic Imperialism. Which was born almost exactly a millennium earlier – in 988 (yes, Satan is very patient – he can spend hundreds of years assembling and perfecting his weapons).

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