Were the Jews Agents of Satan? (3)

SAMSUNG CSCAnd for a good reason – there is evidence that Jews (Jewish nation, I mean) not only ARE NOT the Servants of the Devil but simply CAN NOT be. Satan is fundamentally a destroyer of our world, an immensely and profoundly destructive world while the Jews during the whole human history was exactly the opposite.

Jews were no “parasites” (as the Nazis very erroneously claimed). As a nation, Jews were (and very much are) creators, builders, founders, designers, inventors, producers, engineers and healers.

In fact they were (and still are) the most productive, innovative and creative nation by far; the nation that made more extensive and significant contribution to human progress, science, technology and culture than any other nation. At least on a per capita basis and often even in absolute terms.

Which gives another – and a very important – meaning to the concept of “God’s Chosen People”. Consequently, the Jews are highly productive, efficient and committed opponents (and thus actually enemies of the Prince of Darkness), not his agents (let alone servants).

Let’s start with the Sacred History. For many thousands of years, the Jewish nation was God’s primary (actually, the only) tool in his ‘salvation project’. Salvation of human souls and of the human civilization, that is. Salvation from Hell. A very real Hell – and not only in the afterlife but on this very planet.

It was the Jewish nation that gave to us the Holy Bible (both the Old and New Testaments) – the most important and valuable document in human history. Not just eschatologically (i.e., from the salvation perspective), but also culturally. It is still a #1 bestseller worldwide.

It was the Jewish nation that gave us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (in His human incarnation He was Jewish by blood according to generally accepted definition) and His Mother Her Majesty Blessed Virgin Mary – Queen of Heaven, Queen of Angels and Saints and Queen of the Universe. Who was a very much Jewish lady.

It was the Jewish nation that gave us all Holy Apostles – the disciples of Jesus, including Saint Apostle Peter who became the first Pope – Head of the Christian Church. As well as Saint Apostle Paul who for all practical purposes built the Christian Church as an organization.

A well-known saying is that the European civilization (plus American, Australian and even the Russian one) stands on three cornerstones – Athens, Rome and Jerusalem. In other words, on Greek culture, Roman law and Judeo-Christian religion.

“Judeo” in this context meaning religion of Old Testament, not contemporary Judaism (which is a very different one). “Christian”, of course, means the religion of the New Testament.

Consequently, the Jewish nation provided our civilization with a critically important cornerstone. And as culture and law are about the temporal life and religion is about life eternal, it provided the most important cornerstone. By far.

Therefore, one can be either Christian or Judeophobe – but not both. A Christian Judeophobe is… well, an oxymoron. A contradiction in terms. If one is a genuine Christian, of course.

Consequently, Judeophobia (fear of and hatred for the Jews) makes no sense whatsoever. Actually, it is quite insane as we ‘gentiles’ (i.e. non-Jews) have absolutely no reason to fear or hate the Jewish nation. And every reason to feel a tremendous respect and deep and sincere gratitude for the Jewish people. Even if one is atheist, agnostic or otherwise a non-Christian.

And here’s the proof – beyond the reasonable doubt. Let’s start with the Nobel Prize – the most coveted award in science and literature. At least 194 Jews and people of half- or three-quarters-Jewish ancestry (that’s how Nazis defined Jews) have been awarded the Nobel Prize accounting for 22% of all individual recipients worldwide between 1901 and 2015. Twenty-two percent.

By the ethnic group that comprises only 0.2% of the world population – and was not exactly very popular with the committee that awards Nobel Prize (to put it mildly).

Jews one 20% of Nobel Prizes awarded in chemistry, a whopping 39% in economics; 26% in physiology and medicine and the same 26% in physics. Even in highly politicized prizes in literature and especially the Nobel Peace Prize, Jews won 13% and 8% respectively.

Jewish share of other prestigious international awards (for the same period of time) is even more impressive. 25% of recipients of the Kyoto Prize awarded for global achievements in advanced technology, basic sciences, arts and philosophy.

38% of recipients of the US National Medal of Science. 50% of recipients of the Grande Médaille of the French Academy of Sciences. Elected to Foreign Membership in the British Royal Society – 27%. Recipients of the Fields Medal (an equivalent of Nobel Prize in mathematics) – also 27%.

Jewish-made discoveries in science and medicine saved an estimated 2.8 billion human lives.

Jews played a significant role in the founding and subsequent development of modern anthropology.  Two of its four principal founders were Jewish – Émile Durkheim and Franz Boas.

Of the twenty-one major anthropology theorists seven were Jews, or of Jewish descent.  Similarly, Jews are the subjects of one-third of the forty-two biographical entries contained in “The Dictionary of Anthropology”. Two of the five major biographical articles in the Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology deal with the work of Jews – Franz Boas and Claude Lévi-Strauss

In the late Middle Ages, the Jews, numbering only about 1% of Europe’s population, constituted roughly half (!!) of its physicians. The situation remained the same in modern times – Nazi expulsion of Jews from the medical professions in Greater Germany resulted in medical centers of Vienna and Berlin losing nearly half of their physicians and the majority of their medical school faculties.

Jews were instrumental in the development of four of the seven major schools of thought in psychology.  More specifically, with the exception of Wolfgang Köhler, all of the major figures involved in the establishment of Gestalt psychology were Jews.

Psychoanalysis was founded by Sigmund Freud (a Jew) and, with the notable exception of Carl Jung, most of its early proponents were also Jews (e.g., Alfred Adler, Erik Erikson, Sandor Ferenczi, Anna Freud, Erich Fromm, Melanie Klein, Otto Rank, and Theodor Reik).

Abraham Maslow (whose system of genuine human needs is one of the cornerstones of modern human psychology) was a Jew. Ulric Neisser, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Herbert Simon, and Noam Chomsky have been major contributors to the development of Cognitive Psychology.

According to the academic (and very much respected) Review of General Psychology, out of the 99 leading psychologists of the twentieth century 39 are (or were) Jewish or of Jewish descent.

In that same study, Jews constituted approximately 40% of the most frequently cited researchers in both the professional literature and in introductory psychology textbooks.  The current membership of the division of psychology of the US National Academy of Sciences is also approximately 40% Jewish.

Baruch Spinoza (philosopher), John von Neumann (mathematician), Albert Einstein (physicist), Gustav Mahler (composer), Franz Kafka (writer), Benjamin Disraeli (one of the most accomplished Prime Ministers of Great Britain), Heinrich Heine (poet), David Ricardo (economist), Louis Mayer (motion picture pioneer) and countless others were Jewish.

Consequently, only a hopelessly ignorant (or genuinely insane) individual can be a Judeophobe. Completely and hopelessly. Which adds to fear and hatred the third deadly sin – sloth. Judeophobes are simply too lazy to discover the facts which are just a visit to the library away.

The abovementioned facts mean that the Holocaust was, indeed, the worst crime against humankind in human history. The worst not only because the Nazis murdered six million people (Mao killed far more), but because by doing this they robbed the humankind of extremely valuable contribution to our civilization that could have been made by these Jews and their descendants.

Oh, just in case and for the record: I have not a single drop of Jewish blood in my veins. Zero. Zilch. None. None of my wives had either; I have no Jewish friends and I am a conservative Roman Catholic – and these characters are Judeophiles at all.

However, the Nazis (actually, the whole Europe, the Western Civilization and the whole human civilization) did have a problem with one particular nation. Only it wasn’t the Jewish nation.

It was the Russians – more precisely, their implicit national ideology that ultimately provided both the foundation for the Bolshevism (the Russian Marxism) the colossal, gargantuan spiritual power for Stalin and his project for conquering the whole world.

This ideology was the Russian Messianic Imperialism.

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