Were the Jews Agents of Satan? (2)


Karl Marx – founder of Marxism (and, therefore, Bolshevism) was Jewish – I decided to include the “Gang of Four” members into this list. Pavel Axelrod and Julius Martov – co-founders of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (later transformed into a Bolshevik Party) – were Jews.

Vladimir Lenin – the leader of Russian Bolsheviks and the first head of the Soviet government – was one-quarter Jewish. Which made him Russian by Nazi standards but still he had a sizable amount of Jewish blood in his veins. Almost all Lenin’s companions on the “sealed train” that brought him to Russia in April 1917 (via Germany, mind you) were Jews.

Lev Trotsky who was the actual leader of the Bolshevik October Revolution in Russian, was a Jew. The first head of Soviet state (Soviet Russia) Yakov Sverdlov was a Jew.

Head of the Economic Council Yuri Larin who almost single-handedly destroyed the Russian economy, was a Jew. Viktor Nogin – People’s Commissariat for Trade and Industry – was a Jew. Yakov Yurovsky who commanded the death squad that shot Russian tsar Nicholas II and his family (close relatives of the German Kaiser) was a Jew.

Members of Bolshevik Politburo (the real government of the Soviet Russia) Kamenev and Zinoviev were Jews. The latter was also the head of Comintern – organization established by the Soviets to Bolshevize (i.e. destroy) the whole world.

One of the most notorious Bolshevik mass murderers – head of Cheka secret police in Petrograd Uritsky was a Jew (in fact, a lot of high-level Cheka officials were Jewish). Genrikh Yagoda – head of GPU (Soviet secret police) was a Jew. The list goes on and on.

Rosa Luxemburg – one of the leaders of German communists (who as members of Comintern were essentially the puppets of Moscow) and of the bloody Spartacus uprising – was a Jew. Ernst Toller – the leader of the short-lived (but bloody) Bavarian Soviet Republic – was a Jew.

Kurt Eisner – leader of its predecessor (People’s State of Bavaria) – was a Jew. Béla Kun – leader of also short-lived (and also bloody) Hungarian Soviet Republic – also was a Jew.

Et cetera, et cetera. By itself, this list does not conclusively prove anything (after all, these characters were atheists, internationalists and revolutionaries and thus removed themselves from the “global Jewish community”).

However, for the Christian radicals in Vatican and elsewhere this was another incontrovertible proof that Jews (more precisely, the Jewish people and their “collective soul”) were, indeed, the Servants of the Devil.

Their (faulty) logic sounded something like that. Jesus Christ openly stated:

“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to [God] the Father except through me” (John 14:6 NIV)

Which obviously means that no one can communicate with God the Father except through Jesus Christ. In reality, you can talk to Him directly; however, you must acknowledge and accept that He is in fact the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, recognize and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and view the latter as the “face of God” in our world – “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9 ESV).

Consequently, by rejecting Jesus Christ (i.e. refusing to recognize Him for who He was – the Son of God and their Lord and Savior), the Jews as a people, as the nation and as its collective soul – the “Jewish egregore” – rejected God the Father as well. In other words, rejected the One Who has been their God for two millennia.

And thus severed their communication channel with their God. Unfortunately, this channel was (or so it seems to some radical Christian theologians) immediately commandeered by “the other side”.

Actually, the opinion that God of the contemporary (“Rabbinic”) Judaism based on Talmud and Mishna (the so-called “Oral Torah”) is very different from God of the original (“Biblical”) Judaism based on Old Testament of the Holy Bible. And because every god that is not the Christian God is by definition the demon (at least) and very possibly Devil himself this opinion essentially accuses the Jews of communicating with and serving the Devil.

The Prince of Darkness. Satan. Lucifer.

Who used the immense spiritual power of the Jewish egregore (Jews were God’s Chosen People, after all) and the very earthly power of the Jewish nation and its organization structures to destroy the Christian Church and thus open the way for invading, conquering and destroying our world and transforming it into a very real Hell on Earth.

He failed. However, almost two millennia later, Satan used the power of the same egregore (much higher now than in the times of Christ and a few centuries later) to provide the Jewish revolutionaries, insurgents and rebels with sufficient spiritual power (i.e. supernatural energy) to do what they wanted to do – and what Devil wanted them to do.

Consequently, they completely supported Hitler’s Holocaust because they believed that eliminating several million Jews (the more the better, of course) and destroying Jewish religious and spiritual infrastructure would drastically reduce the spiritual power of Jewish “collective soul”. And thus prevent the Jewish radicals from taking over the world and (unconsciously, of course) fulfilling the Mission assigned to them by the Prince of Darkness.

I think that this theory is a bunch of BS (pardon my French). For starters, I do not believe that the Jews completely lost connection to their God (i.e., God the Father) even after they rejected Christ and even forced the Roman governor to murder Him (although they did).

I think that the channel got damaged, clouded, smudged… but not severed. Why? Because the Jews are still His Chosen People, that’s why. And this is something not even rejection of His Son can make to disappear.

For the same reason I do not believe that God of the Rabbinic Judaism (i.e. God of Talmud and Mishna – or even of Kabbalah for that matter) is not the same God as the God of the Old Testament.

Sure, these “new texts” create a highly distorting “lens” through which they see God. But they still see the same God – God the Father, God of the Jewish People, God of the Old Testament, God of the written Torah, God of the Holy Bible.

Second, the Bolshevist Soviet Union became the genuinely existential threat to the Christian Church worldwide and to the Western Civilization only under Joseph Stalin (the 1920 attempt was purely opportunistic and thus predictably failed – and failed miserably).

Who not only had not a drop of Jewish blood in his veins (and thus had no connection to “Jewish egregore” at all) but was an ardent anti-Semite. True, he tolerated Jews even in his “immediate circle” – if he considered them competent (and thus useful) enough, but at the same time unleashed horrifying persecution of the Soviet Jews.

A disproportionately high number of the victims of the Great Purge of 1936-38 were Jewish. The “campaign against cosmopolitism” in 1948-53 was eerily similar to Nazi persecution of Jews in the 1930s. And there is some solid (albeit circumstantial) evidence that only Stalin’s death in March of 1953 saved the Soviet Jews from Holocaust II.

It is well-known that Russian Empire was the most Judeophobic country in Europe (if not in the whole world). It is less known that things did not change much when it became the Soviet Union.

The fundamentally atheist Bolsheviks were sworn enemies of any religion – including, obviously, Judaism and the claim of the Jews that they were God’s Chosen People and thus a privileged nation spiritually superior to any other were anathema to diehard internationalist and “nationally egalitarian” Russian Marxists.

Hence it is no surprise that the Soviet leaders immediately initiated an extensive campaign to suppress the religious traditions among the Jewish population – and even traditional Jewish culture deeply rooted in Judaism.

In August 1919 Jewish properties, including synagogues, were seized and many Jewish communities were dissolved. The anti-religious laws against all expressions of religion and religious education were imposed on all religious groups, including, of course, the Jewish communities. Many Rabbis and other religious officials were forced to resign from their posts under the threat of violent persecution.

It is really, really hard to imagine that these – and other similar activities were powered by the “Jewish egregore”. Besides, even Jews by blood (those listed above and thousands and thousands other Jewish revolutionaries) hated the traditional Jewish community probably even stronger than the Christian (or other) anti-Semites. And acted accordingly.

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