Were the Jews Agents of Satan? (1)


Now why the hell would we need to ask this highly politically incorrect question, to put it mildly? For a very simple reason: a scientist – and genuine history is a science, not propaganda – does not and should not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about political correctness. Or even about political (or any other) consequences of his or her findings.

All he or she (I do not believe in “non-binary”) must care about is the Truth. Truth, only the Truth and nothing by the Truth – which can be “natural” or “supernatural” (paranormal, religious, etc.).

Hence, every genuine historian can and must ask all questions (no matter how “politically incorrect”) to look for the Truth, find the Truth and preach (disseminate) the Truth. And if someone (or something) is destroyed by the Truth, so be it. Whoever (or whatever) is destroyed by the Truth, deserves to be. Because it is built on lies and anything and everything built on lies has no right to exist. Period.

Now let’s find out why we really need to ask this highly politically incorrect question. The first reason is obvious – out of the four members of the “Gang of Four” (i.e. Marxist Servants of Satan) two – Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky – were 100% Jewish by blood.

And one – Vladimir Lenin – was ¼ Jewish by blood. True, according to Nazi definition of Jewishness, he was not a Jew, but a Russian… but still, he had a sizable amount of Jewish blood in his veins.

We also know that Jews as a nation (people, egregore, etc.) firmly rejected – still reject – Jesus Christ as their Messiah and viewed Him not as the Son of God (who He really was) but as an impostor, heretic, blasphemer and rebel who deserved to be put to death.

And He was put to death (murdered, actually as He was totally innocent of the charges brought against Him) only because the pressure to kill him from the Jewish population of Jerusalem – top to bottom – was so immense that even Roman governor (who usually did not care a damn about what the Jews wanted) acquiesced and ordered Jesus to be brutally murdered.

Which definitely pleased the Devil to no end (the last thing the Prince of Darkness wanted was the Jews – and subsequently the whole world – recognizing Jesus as their Messiah and transforming the Earth into the physical Kingdom of Heaven). Because it meant losing the war with God for the total control over human world for good.

It is also a well-established historical fact that Jews were heavily involved in the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire prior to the latter becoming an official religion (tolerant Romans did not care a rat’s ass about this new religious sect as long as its members paid taxes, recognized the authority of the Emperor and served in the Army – which they did and did not cause any social unrest – which they did not).

Justin Martyr- one of the prominent Christian apologists of the 2nd century and subsequently a martyr himself boldly stated that

“The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith.”

Well, not all of course (Justin himself was beheaded after being denounced by a Roman, not a Jew and the Roman authorities did persecute Christians on their own – without any inspiration or pressure from the Jews).

However, Jewish officials – Saul who subsequently became Saint Apostle Paul and a de-facto founder of the Christian Church as we know it was only one of such characters – and “ordinary” Jewish fanatics (a “Jewish Taliban”, if you will) were, indeed committed to wiping out completely the fledgling Christian Church which they regarded a dangerous heresy and a serious threat to Judaism.

Thus leaving our civilization completely spiritually defenseless and allowing Satan to conquer and transform it into a very literal Hell on Earth. Thus achieving the final victory in the war with God for control over our Planet Earth.

Examples of Jewish persecution of Christians (even after Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire) are abundant. During the Third Jewish–Roman War in 132-135 AD, Jewish leader Simon Bar Kokhba declared himself the Messiah.

Christians predictably rejected this outlandish and totally false this claim and refuse to join in the revolt against the Roman Empire. Bar Kokhba (also predictably) ordered Christians to be executed if they would not deny and curse Jesus Christ.

Christians were saved by the Romans who brutally suppressed the uprising killing half a million Jews in the process. Which was, of course, genocide – plain and simple.

However, this mass murder was viewed (possibly still viewed) by some Christian radicals (priests, monks and laity) as the “necessary evil” that had to be done to save the Christian Church from being annihilated – and thus the whole human civilization from being transformed into a very genuine Hell on Earth.

Like Adolf Hitler, these characters believed (incorrectly) that Bolshevism was just another “global Jewish conspiracy” inspired by the Devil himself and executed by his Jewish servants with the abovementioned objectives. So they viewed the Holocaust as the reincarnation of Roman genocide of Jews in 135 AD – in other words, as another “necessary evil”.

In 345 AD Jewish leaders in Persia somehow convinced King Shapur II that Christians presented clear and present danger to his rule and his country and thus had to be eliminated. 16,000 Christians were brutally killed as the result.

In 524, on Dhu Nuwas, a very much Jewish king of Yemen (technically of Himyarite Kingdom), after taking the city of Zafar, burned down Christian churches and massacred all civilians who would not abandon Christianity. Which ultimately amounted to 20,000. Dhu Nuwas then sent letters, detailing his deeds to Al-Mundhir III ibn al-Nu’man and Kavadh I of Persia recommending they do the same.

But the real thing started (and started big time) when the followers of Prophet Muhammad declared an existential war on the whole human civilization (first and foremost, the Christian civilization, of course).

Openly declaring their firm commitment to invading, conquering and destroying our civilization as we know it and transforming it into a global Islamic caliphate (of the ISIS variety or a bit more liberal… but it did not really matter).

What mattered was the fact that although Muslims were officially tolerant of Christians and Jews – the “people of the Book” (followers of other faiths were given the choice of converting to Islam or being executed), their ultimate objective was still the conversion of 100% of the world population to Islam.

By brutal force if necessary. Which by and large was accomplished in the Middle East and North Africa – a formerly 100% Christian nations ultimately became almost 100% Muslim. So the religious war with Islam (i.e. Muslim Civilization) was, indeed, an existential war for Christianity, Christian Church and the Christian Civilization.

Alas, in this very much existential war the Jews fought on the side of Muslims against the Christians. Either openly on the battlefield or as a “fifth column” in Christian nations. The Spanish Inquisition, by the way, was started basically as a counterintelligence operation aimed at wiping out the “fifth column” (an absolute must if you want to win an existential religious war).

For a very simple reason – the Christians turned out to be… not exactly followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. They chose not to “love their enemies” (i.e. the Jews – or pagans for that matter – who persecuted them) but to pay in kind. Eye for an eye… that sort of thing.

In other words, almost immediately after coming to power in Roman Empire (and the official religion at that time was immensely powerful indeed), they began to persecute the Jews. Big time – using all the resources of the Roman state.

Although Jewish life under the Muslim rulers was not exactly Paradise, it was incomparably better than life under Christian kinds and emperors. Consequently, just about all Jews became loyal soldiers of the Muslim armies (openly or clandestinely).

Just a few examples. In 711 AD, Jews as well as converted Berbers from North Africa play essential role in the advancement of Arab conquerors into the Iberian Peninsula. After the Muslims conquered the cities of Elvira, Seville and Cordoba, they were left under a Jewish-led garrison, while the Muslim armies pursued the Christians.

The next year, Jewish “fifth column” opened the gates of Toledo to the invading armies of the Umayyad Caliphate, while Christian defenders of the capital city were celebrating Palm Sunday (not the best military decision, if you ask me).

Muslims were committed to converting every living person in the world to Islam – this is a fact. Which automatically meant annihilation (yes, annihilation) of the Christian Church.

Which automatically led to the destruction of our civilization as we know it (due to elimination of spiritual defenses) and to its transformation into a very real Hell on Earth.

Hence, everyone who participated in that endeavor on the side of Muslims (and Jews very much did) was consciously or – usually – unconsciously, the Servant of the Devil. Period. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Christians won that war (the Almighty God simply could not allow any other outcome)… and, being in this respect Christians in name only, predictably renewed an all-out campaign of persecuting Jews (I will cover these persecutions in sufficient detail in the chapter on the Holocaust). Which did not make Jews happy at all, to put it mildly.

However, just about all Jews (by blood as well as by religion) had no desire to destroy the Christian Civilization (or the Christian Church for that matter). They only wanted emancipation – an end to persecutions and equal rights with Christians and other non-Jews (and ideally their own Jewish state in the Promised Land). They did fight for it – but only by legal means. And by the end of the 19th century achieved very impressive results.

Which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that the whole Jewish community (which was spiritual, not genetic and thus based on common religion and culture, not on common blood) were NOT servants of Satan. Neither were the Jewish nation (incorrectly referred to by the Nazis as “Jewish race”) or the Jewish egregore – the “collective soul” of the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, the Jewish revolutionaries (insurgents, rebels, radicals) were a different story entirely. They were, indeed, committed to destroying the existing “world order” (i.e. mostly still Christian states) and replacing them with something else (which usually was the Marxist state).

It is a sad, but well-established fact that the Christian Church in all its denominations – Catholic, Lutheran, other Protestant, Orthodox, etc. – was the key driving and inspirational force behind the persecution of Jews.

Which was not a surprise at all – for centuries the Jews were an existential threat to the Church (there was no Christian Civilization back then) because the Jewish radicals (of which were, alas, a lot) wanted to annihilate Christianity as a dangerous heresy and a threat to Judaism. Fear is a very powerful emotion (and drive) so the Church predictably wanted to do away with Jews even after they ceased to become an existential threat to the latter.

Consequently, the Christian Church became an existential threat to the Jewish people (or so it seemed to the Jewish radicals). Hence it is no surprise either that they wanted to annihilate it. And that’s precisely what they did after they came to some very serious power in the Soviet Russia.

Unfortunately, the Jewish members of the “Gang of Four” Marxist Servants of Satan were not the only Jewish leaders and key officials in the Soviet Russia (subsequently the Soviet Union), in the short-lived Marxist republics in Europe and in the failed Marxist coups and uprisings.

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