The Marxist Servants of Satan (5)


It is well-known that Satan is “a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). Hence, it is no surprise that Marxism, frankly, is a total BS – in other words, but a collection of lies and damn lies.

National-socialism, obviously, also did not “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth” as Hitler’s ideology created a highly distorted and grossly inaccurate perception of the world (alas, perceptions are the only reality).

However, Adolf Hitler and other national-socialists sincerely believed that their ideology was true and correct (in other words, presented an accurate picture of the world). And thus “walked what they talked and practiced what they preached” indeed.

Now the obvious question is: “What about the Marxist Gang of Four?” Did the sincerely believe in their own ideology – or was their Marxism (in all of its versions) just a giant scam, con game, a swindle?

In other words, was the whole thing about only power and fame and Marxism – only a tool to be used to deceive (brainwash, actually) the overwhelming majority of the population of Russia and other nations and then use this brainwashed mob (and that’s exactly what it was) to come to power in Russia and then to invade, conquer, occupy and destroy the whole world thus acquiring the power of the whole Plant Earth?

Let’s use facts, logic and good old common sense to find out. First, we have already established – beyond the reasonable doubt – that these four characters were, indeed, agents (and even servants) of Satan. Who was (as we know) the father of all lies.

Which provides a highly circumstantial, but still an evidence in favor of “scam hypothesis”. In other words, it strengthens the case for all these MSS (Marxist Servants of Satan that is) being con artists, deceivers, liars, shameless and ruthless manipulators who did not believe a word they were saying and were lying through their teeth with but one objective in mind – acquire absolute, dictatorial power first in Russia, then in Europe and ultimately in the whole world.

Second, every Marxist state (Russia, Eastern Bloc countries, mainland China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc.) rapidly became a totalitarian cult. A “textbook”, “classic” totalitarian cult where its leader was worshipped like a demi-God and together with his clique (criminal gang, actually) did not believe a word of their own sermons, books, etc. and used the latter to brainwash their “flock” and thus acquire an absolute, unlimited, dictatorial power over the latter.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created and propagated by anti-Nazi Allied propaganda), Nazi Germany was NOT such a cult. Although, there, indeed, was a personality cult of Adolf Hitler in the Third Reich and the latter was a very much totalitarian Führerstaat.

However, Adolf Hitler used this cult as a tool (one of many, actually) to radically improve the living standards of his fellow Germans and transform Germany into a political, military, economic, technological and cultural superpower (ideally, the most powerful nation on Earth) and make the German people a genuinely happy nation of genuine Übermenschen.

In other words, in all Marxist regimes, the population were forced to serve its leader(s) who did not believe a word of their own sermons and gospels while in the Third Reich its leaders served their people, sincerely believed in everything they were saying, walked what they talked and practiced what they preached. You can not find a difference more radical and profound than that.

But the most damning evidence in favor of the “Marxist scam” hypothesis stems from the fact that all members of the MSS “Gang of Four” were not just no idiots – they were all geniuses. Cut and dry, plain and simple.

Consequently, they simply could not have avoided noticing (especially because it was all pretty much “in your face”) that the realities of their Marxist state – the practical consequences of their Marxist ideology – were fundamentally and intrinsically different – from its promises.

Indeed, Marxism promised to free the “workers and peasants” –and in reality took away all fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the “capitalist state”: freedom of speech, press, assembly, elect and be elected to the government office, due process (in just about all Marxist states anyone could be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely without any semblance of one), freedom to travel outside (and often even inside) the country in question, access to information/knowledge, often even to change jobs, etc., etc.

Marxism promised to liberate the “workers and peasants” from the “capitalist yoke” – and made them genuine slaves of the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately of The Leader of the Marxist state).

Workers (and especially peasants) in the Third Reich had far more freedoms (and generally incomparably higher living and working standards) than their counterparts in the Bolshevist (i.e. Marxist) Soviet Union.

True, they were (theoretically) supposed to serve their Führer and his Führerstaat, but in practice they all served Germany and the German people – and Adolf Hitler served his constituents far more than the other way around. In short, Stalin and other Marxist leaders used their citizens to conquer the world for themselves and Adolf Hitler and the Nazis wanted to conquer the world for the German people.

Marxism promised to make workers and peasants genuine owners of “land and factories” – and in reality both were owned by the Communist bureaucracy (and ultimately by The Leader).

Marxism stated that its fundamental objective was the well-being of “workers and peasants” while in reality it was the absolute power of Marxist leaders over their countries – and ultimately of the whole world.

Et cetera, et cetera. These fundamental and glaring discrepancies (contradictions even) between declared and actual Marxism were (and are) evident even for an individual with a room temperature IQ – and definitely for genius like Marx, Lenin, Trotsky or Stalin (who was far superior to all other three).

All this evidence can lead to only one conclusion: yes, Marxism was (and is) a giant con game, scam and swindle (yes, financial swindle, too); yes, none of the “Gang of Four” was a genuine Marxist (in other words, none of them believed a word of what they were preaching); and yes, Marxism for them was only a tool to achieve fame (fame for Karl Marx – a certifiable outcast and a loser par excellence and power for Lenin, Trotsky and especially Stalin).

And, of course, to destroy the world that rejected them – for all of them except Stalin. Although Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were geniuses, they all were by and large only destroyers.

Marx created practically nothing tangible – all of his organizations ultimately failed, and failed miserably. Lenin’s state failed miserably as well – he had to resort to so-called “New Economic Policy” which for all practical purposes was going back to good old capitalism.

Trotsky created (from the unruly armed mob) a highly efficient Red Army (fortunately for the world, not powerful or efficient enough to conquer Europe – let alone the whole world)… and failed miserably in just about all his other endeavors.

The only one member of the MSS “Gang of Four” who proved to be capable of becoming a genuine Demiurge (i.e., capable of creating and maintaining his very own world) was, not surprisingly, the chronologically last one.

The “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhughashvili.

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