The Marxist Servants of Satan (4)

It is true, of course, that Adolf Hitler appeared to have several qualities that made him look like a potential candidate to the position of “Satan’s human weapon”. But only appeared to.

For starters, he was not a genius by birth. In fact, he was not one until the age of 30 – after the transfiguration that was carried out ultimately on God’s orders by God’s servants. Not the “official” servants as by that time the Christian Church was already pretty much spiritually impotent, but servants nevertheless.

All members of the “Marxist Gang of Four” were geniuses by birth, not by design. In other words, they were born geniuses while Adolf Hitler was made. And this is a fundamental, crucial, vital difference.

True, Adolf Hitler wanted to do away with Weimar Republic (who didn’t at that time in Germany?) and replace it with the system of his own design – the very much totalitarian Führerstaat. He was also consumed with hatred – for the “Reds”, the Jews, the traitors, etc.

However, unlike the Marxists, Adolf Hitler not only had no desire to harm (let alone annihilate) the Christian Church, but considered it a vitally important component of his Führerstaat and of the whole German society.

Albeit limited, the freedom of worship and other non-political activities of the Christian Church was guaranteed (even demanded) in the official “25 Points” program of NSDAP – his party (the program that was never altered). These guarantees were enshrined in Reichskonkordat that he signed with both Catholic and Protestant (Lutheran) Churches in Germany.

Unlike the Marxist Servants of Satan (MSS), Adolf Hitler did – although unconsciously – have a relationship with the Christian God (God the Father, to be more precise). True, he viewed God via a highly distorting “lens” of Providence, but still, he saw Him and communicated with Him – unlike the MSS who had no connection to God whatsoever.

True, Adolf Hitler was to a significant extent driven by the hatred for “enemies of Germany”; however, he was a national-sociopath and thus was driven primarily by deep, passionate, sincere and very powerful Love for Germany (more precisely, for German egregore) and German people.

MSS had no love whatsoever – quite possibly, even for themselves; they were driven exclusively by a highly destructive and murderous blend of hatred (wrath) and pride. And, very probably, envy as well.

But the most important reason why Adolf Hitler was the Servant of God (and not of the adversary of the latter) was that he was committed to fighting – and winning – the existential war with Joseph Stalin – the MSS member and a certified Servant of Satan.

As the latter (or anyone else), can not fight against himself, it proves beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler, indeed, served the Christian God. Unconsciously and probably even unwillingly at times but still served the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

And His Church, of course – first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church of which he was a member all his life (unlike many of his subordinates, he never left the Church).

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