The Marxist Servants of Satan (1)


In this chapter, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the very foundation of Hitler’s policies and activities (and of the whole Third Reich) was conscious or unconscious need to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Consequently, to understand the Third Reich, you have to understand the Soviet Union and to understand Adolf Hitler, you have to understand Joseph Stalin. And to understand Stalin, you have to understand… Satan. Devil. Lucifer. The Prince of Darkness.

There are two popular misconceptions about Satan. The first (by far more widespread) is that he does not exist. Alas, he very much does. The second (usually held and preached by Christian and some other religious fanatics) claims that just about every evil deed committed in our world, was carried out by Satan who used this or that individual to do this job. In reality, this is not the case at all.

Although Satan very much exists – and does fight with God all the time for the, well, ownership of our world (and every individual human soul, of course) – practically all evil done by human beings is driven not by the Devil (although he obviously enjoys it big time).

With very, very rare exception these evil acts are caused and driven strictly by very human sins – the so-called “cardinal” or even “mortal” sins. Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, lust, evil, hatred/wrath (the “favorite sin” of the Nazis) and fear – the “eighth deadly sin” that in most cases generates hatred. Satan has nothing to do with them whatsoever – there is even a serious doubt that he was in any way involved with the “original sin” (the proverbial “fall from Grace”).

Consequently. Although there are cases of genuine demonic possession of human beings (the Bible is right about that), they are very, very rare – and not nearly as common as the “community of exorcists” and some religious fundamentalists believe and claim.

With very few exceptions all cases viewed as demonic possession (even by well-trained and highly experienced exorcists) are mental illnesses and thus must be treated by mental health professionals, not by the Church.

Therefore, in reality, genuinely satanic activities (Acts of the Devil, if you will) are extremely. And not only because Satan is generally prohibited by God to interfere in human affairs directly (and the Devil can do nothing without the consent of an omnipotent God).

But mostly because Satan wants to fry a bigger fish, so to speak. He is not interested in grabbing individual souls (the overwhelming majority of human souls end up in Hell in the afterlife anyway). He wants our whole world – all of it. And all human souls, of course. And is very much willing (and, alas, able) to fight for it.

I am not a big fan of horror novels (or movies for that matter). I’ve seen enough in my life, thank you very much. However, there are a few writers of horror who are genuine mystics; consequently, reading their novels sometimes is the same as, for example, works of Christian mystics. Or Muslim. Or Jewish.

One of such mystics is F. Paul Wilson (another one is John Connolly). Wilson wrote a whole series of books about one Repairman Jack who repairs… not household items, of course. Or cars for that matter. He is more like a Mechanic played by Jason Statham.

All horror series are built on a certain mythology and the Repairman Jack is no exception. The core of this mythology is an eternal battle between two global – Universal even – forces for control over planet Earth (i.e. our world).

These forces are called the Otherness – its description matches the description of the Evil One almost to a “T”; and “Ally” which in some key respects looks and behave like… well, God.

The only deficiency of this methodology (alas, of just about all horror novels and movies) is that it portrays the Otherness (i.e. Devil) as being far more powerful than Ally (i.e. God). Reality, thankfully, is exactly the opposite.

Another fundamental difference is that while in the Repairman Jack novels the war between these forces is eternal and often quite “hot” – with pretty serious casualties – there were only two known cases of an open war between God and Satan (Light and Darkness) in recorded human history.

Obviously, both times it was a “proxy war” between two very tangible (and very human) forces – the “Army of God” and the “Army of Satan”.

The first known “proxy war” was between Christianity and Islam (more precisely, between Christian and Islamic civilizations). It does not mean, of course that Muslims worship Devil (they do not) or willingly serve the Prince of Darkness (they do not either). It only means that somehow the latter figured out how to use the former for his very sinister (actually, murderous and very much destructive) purposes.

How exactly – I have no clue (I am not an expert in Islam or its history). I only know (actually, it is pretty much the common knowledge) that this First Existential Proxy War was fought for almost precisely a millennium. It began in the 7th century and was pretty much over by the end of the 17th century. The Christians won. Period.

They did not destroy the Islamic Civilization (this was never their objective); they only saved their civilization from being destroyed (annihilated, actually) by the Muslims.

The only one thing I am pretty sure about the origins of the First Existential Proxy War is that Satan was able to start it only because in that particular region (Middle East and North Africa) the Christian Church – more precisely, the Eastern Christian Church – was so weakened by corruption and apostasy (it almost openly served not Jesus Christ but the Roman Emperor) that the Gates of Hell, alas, prevailed over it.

Hence, the First Existential Proxy War was, alas, won only by the Western Christian Church (Catholic and Protestant Churches, to be more precise). The Eastern Christian Church lost this existential war – and all of its territories in the Middle East and North Africa.

And thus almost ceased to exist. Fortunately, it was subsequently saved by the expansion into Eastern Europe (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.).

For about 200 more years, the Western Christian Church was strong enough to keep Satan at bay. Unfortunately, for several reasons by mid-19th century it got so weak that Satan got the chance to “repeat the experience”.

In other words, to launch the Second Existential Proxy War. Only this time his weapon was not a religion, but an ideology; his banner was red, not green; and his primary human tools were philosophers, not a prophet.

This time, it was not Islam but Marxism and not one individual, but four: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.

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