The Chosen One (1)

20191103_125405000_iOSEveryone who believes in the Christian God (which means that he or she must believe in Satan as well) and correctly views the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church) as the vital and indispensable channel of Divine Grace – the only protection from the Army of Satan in this world, has no other choice but to acknowledge and accept the following undeniable historical and spiritual facts.

  1. For about 100 years (roughly 1845-1945) God and Satan were fighting a “proxy war” for the control over our world (the human civilization)
  2. For roughly 75 years (3/4 of the duration of the whole war) Satan was on the offensive; only in 1919 the situation got so perilous for the human civilization that God had no other choice but to fight back
  3. The primary ideological weapons of Satan (ideas do have immense power in our world) were Marxism (initially) and subsequently Marxism-Leninism (“Russian Marxism”, “Bolshevism”, “Communism”, etc.)
  4. The primary ideological weapons of God was, alas, not Christianity (it had lost almost all its power long before that existential war), but national-socialism (“Nazism”)
  5. The primary energy (“drive”) used by Satan was Russian Messianism – originally Russian Orthodox pseudo-Christian religious messianism (the so-called “Third Rome” doctrine) which was subsequently transformed by the geniuses of Vladimir Lenin and (especially) Joseph Stalin into a Russian Marxist/Communist Messianism
  6. The primary energy (“drive”) used by God was German Nationalism – more specifically, its version preached and practiced by so-called “national-sociopaths”. This version blended into an extremely powerful combination deep, sincere and passionate Love for Germany (and by extension for the whole European and Western – “Aryan” civilization) and a no less deep and passionate white-hot Hatred for its enemies – first and foremost, the Bolsheviks
  7. The primary “human tools” (“agents”, “proxies”, etc.) used by Satan were Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin (in that order)
  8. The primary human tool used by God was Adolf Hitler (the “Chosen One”)

“All of the above” is not a pure speculation – it is supported by at least three pieces of very convincing (albeit, of course, circumstantial evidence).

The first piece of evidence is, obviously, a one and only Singularity Event of the 20th century (Stalin’s death was most likely a well-planned and well-executed murder or at least an act of criminal negligence and thus does not qualify as SE which is, by definition, an Act of God).

The Reichstag Fire.

To lead the Forces of Light (Army of God) into an existential battle with the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan) on the Eastern front, Adolf Hitler had to acquire the dictatorial powers in Germany. Which, in turn, required the transformation of a democratic (sort of) Weimar Republic into a totalitarian Führerstaat.

In 1933, it was simply not possible without a Singularity Event – i.e. something of the magnitude of the Reichstag Fire. Any objective investigator would come to the same conclusion that first Kripo and then the Gestapo (!) came to.

This arson was the result of the clinically insane pyromaniac Marinus van der Lubbe (who thus deserved a life in the hospital for the criminally insane, not the guillotine) acting alone.

There was no evidence whatsoever that Communists, the Nazis or anyone else (organization or individual) was in any way involved in this very much political crime. Which makes complete sense as partnering with a clinically insane individual in a political crime of such magnitude (and a capital crime to boot) is simply suicidal – both politically and personally.

God is, by definition, omnipresent and omnipotent. Hence, everything that happens in our world (or in the whole Universe for that matter) happens only He either allowed it to happen or made it happen.

The latter means that on the occasion in question God directly intervened in human affairs. God respects our Freedom of Will so he intervenes only when our civilization faces a genuinely existential threat – which obviously was the case in 1933.

It is also well-known to Christian theologians (and mystics) that clinically insane individuals (such as van der Lubbe) are God’s favorite human tools. For a very simple reason – He needs those who are “poor in spirit” and it is very difficult (if possible at all) to find someone as poor in spirit as the clinically insane.

Hence, it would be safe to conclude that the Reichstag Fire was, indeed, an Act of God. Who had but one objective in mind – give to the Nazis (and to Adolf Hitler personally) dictatorial powers in Germany.

Powers that they will use to make Nazi Germany powerful enough – politically, economically, ideologically, socially, culturally, technologically and militarily – to fight and win the genuinely existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union led by the “Red Tamerlane” (and the unconscious Agent of Satan) Joseph Stalin.

And thus save the Christian Church (His Church) from being destroyed and our world from being transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth. Which they did.

The second piece of evidence is, obviously, the abovementioned transfiguration of Adolf Hitler which happened sometime during the summer of 1919. This quantum leap – both personal and professional – was so enormous that it could have been achieved only by supernatural power.

God’s power. Only this time he used not a clinically insane individual, but an organization (Thule Society and/or possibly the Vril Society).

The third piece of evidence is the whole series of attempts on Hitler’s life. Although his security never was exactly impenetrable (to put it mildly), in all 42 cases (yes, there were 42 attempts on his life – and these are only those that we know about) he escaped unharmed – or an attempt was miraculously aborted. That’s too much for a simple coincidence… but enough to see God’s will, power and hand behind all these genuine miracles.

Now the key question is: Why? Why (and how, of course) Adolf Hitler – a total nobody at the end of spring of 1919, became God’s The Chosen One?

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