Three Personalities of Adolf Hitler (1)

20191011_101030000_iOSAdolf Hitler is definitely the most misunderstood of the great leaders in human history (greatness does not necessarily mean goodness, of course). For a very simple reason – just about all historians, psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, criminal profilers, etc. try to reduce him to a single personality.

This desire is natural, politically correct (of course)… and totally and utterly wrong. Because Adolf Hitler was a very, very complex and complicated individual (to put it mildly). He had many sides – which I will cover in the next sections of this chapter – and not one, but three very distinct personalities.

No, he did not suffer from the multiple personality disorder – this is a well-established fact. His personalities were thoroughly blended creating a unique fusion – the persona of Adolf Hitler.

Still, in order to understand “the whole Adolf Hitler” (and this is the fundamental objective of any genuine historian of the Third Reich), one had to develop a thorough and in-depth understanding of each of these personalities (Adolf Hitler I, II and III, if you will). The Servant of God, the Patriot of Greater Germany and the Criminal.

The most valuable personality for the whole human civilization (as well as for the Western Civilization), was, obviously, Adolf Hitler I – the Servant of God. Of the Christian God, of course (there is only one God in the Universe). The Holy Trinity – Father, Son and the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Ghost as some call this entity).

No, Adolf Hitler was definitely not a Christian saint (although in his childhood he did entertain the idea of serving God by becoming a monk and subsequently an abbot of a major Catholic monastery).

True, he did attend the Catholic Church in Leonding dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel – the Commander-in-Chief of God’s Armed Forces – but there is no evidence whatsoever that Adolf Hitler ever considered to become God’s Warrior of Templar, Hospitaller or even Teutonic variety.

Hence it would be correct to conclude that Adolf Hitler served the Christian God unconsciously (and definitely unintentionally) being blissfully unaware of this fact. Although he did serve the latter – and served big time.

He served God in 1941-45 on the Eastern front of the Second Great Warn by being a Commander-in-Chief of the Forces of Light (the Army of God) which were fighting the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan). War on the Western front was, obviously, a different matter entirely.

The Army of God was comprised of German Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and the armed forces of German allies – Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and the Spanish volunteer “Blue Division”. As well as volunteers from German-occupied countries – Latvia, Estonia, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia… and even Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (territories of the then-Soviet Union).

Waffen SS – by 1944 a genuinely European Army – even included volunteers from a neutral Sweden. A little-known fact – the overwhelming majority of the defenders of Reichstag at the very end of the war were not Germans, but foreigners – French (mostly), Belgians, Latvians, etc…

All of the above (with the exception of Finland) fought under Christian insignia – the Cross. Finland used the swastika which actually at that time was one of the Christian symbols as well (still formally is).

The Army of Satan was comprised, of course of the Red Army of the Soviet Union (on the Eastern front it had no allies to speak of) led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

Who was in this respect similar to Adolf Hitler as he served the Adversary (Satan/Devil/Lucifer, etc.) unconsciously and definitely unintentionally, being blissfully unaware of this fact. Although he did serve the latter – and served big time.

The nature of the Second Great War on the Eastern front was plain and simple, cut and dry, loud and clear. In modern terms, it was a proxy war between God and Satan – only the second such war in human history. The previous one was fought by the Christian armies on God’s side and the Muslim armies… on the other side.

In the Second Great War (more specifically in the war dubbed the Great Patriotic War by the Soviet propaganda), the Red Army fought to invade, conquer and destroy the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) as we know it and replace it with the worldwide totalitarian Bolshevist state – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

In the process annihilating (in a very literal sense – the Catholic Church in the Soviet Union was, indeed, annihilated by 1938) the Christian Church – in all its denominations. Thus removing the spiritual protection of human civilization and allowing the Satan to “open the Door”, enter our world and transform it into a very literal Hell on Earth.

The Forces of Light led by Adolf Hitler I (the Servant of God) fought to prevent this from happening. In other words, to save the Christian Church from annihilation and the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) from being transformed into Hell.

True, it was not the primary objective of Adolf Hitler – he launched and was fighting a very much colonial war – for the Lebensraum in the East. But the latter was the war fought by Hitler III (the Criminal). Which was ultimately lost, by the way – as it should have been.

“Hitler I” won his war. Although Stalin managed to invade, occupy and conquer Eastern Europe – and even several Western nations (East Germany, Austria, Norway) he failed to achieve his abovementioned grandiose objective.

He even could not completely transform the occupied territories of Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and East Germany into the full-fledged “Soviet republics” – let alone annex them into the Soviet Union.

Doing that would have forced the Western Allies to declare war on the Soviet Union which the latter simply could not afford. Not with 20 million soldiers lost on the battlefield (and millions more crippled and injured), 10 million or so civilian casualties and a completely destroyed infrastructure of Western Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and the Baltic States.

And, of course, the atom bomb – successfully tested on the battlefield in Japan and the enormous fleet of Allied strategic bombers (against which the Soviet Union had no defense) were a deterrent powerful enough to prevent the second attempt at “liberating Europe”. The previous one was crushed by Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and their allies in the summer and fall of 1941.

Hence it would be correct to conclude that Adolf Hitler was not just a servant of God (albeit ignorant of this fact), but The Servant of God. The most valuable and successful in human history as he won the very much existential war with the Army of Satan (the war with Muslim invaders had been fought for a millennium and thus there was no single commander-in-chief who could have been credited with winning this war).

The servant who saved the Christian Church from being annihilated (hence it is no surprise that both Catholic and Protestant Churches mostly supported Hitler and his regime). And the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) from being conquered, destroyed and transformed into a very literal Hell on Earth by the Forces of Darkness (Army of Satan led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin).

His service was so valuable to God, His Church and His Civilization (the Christian Civilization) that there is no way that Adolf Hitler went to hell after the physical death. On the other hand, he was definitely not admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven (or even a Purgatory for that matter) as he committed in many ways the worst mass murders and other crimes against humanity.

Totally unnecessary and even detrimental to his service to God, I must add. And took his own life by committing suicide on April 30th, 1945 (which normally guarantees an eternity in Hell).

Consequently, he most likely resides in a very special place in the afterworld. The best name for this place is Valhalla, although it is… well, different from the picture painted by the Norse myths.

Now let’s move to a brief profile of his second personality. Hitler II. The Patriot of Greater Germany.

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