July 20th Plotters and the Supernatural

The Supreme Being

Just about all key July plotters claimed to be devout Christians (Goerdeler even objected to killing Hitler on religious grounds). However it appears that all these characters were Christians in name only because they definitely did not believe in supernatural.

Had they believed, they would have noticed that the Reichstag Fire (a textbook Singularity Event) was an obvious Act of God (Kripo investigation dossier available to them via Arthur Nebe proved beyond the reasonable doubt that van der Lubbe acted alone – and clinically insane individuals are known to be especially sensitive to the paranormal).

They would have also noticed that time after time Hitler had been saved by almost certain death by a supernatural power. They knew about Elser, about the Munich Agreement, about inexplicable failures of all bomb plots in 1943… so they should have asked themselves an obvious question – maybe, just maybe Hitler serves the Christian God who needs him to save the Church and the whole Christian civilization from being destroyed by Bolsheviks – agents of Satan par excellence.

And so protects him – and will protect him – from any and all attempts on his life making any assassination plot, not matter how “bulletproof” an exercise in futility. Hence the best course of action just might be to leave Hitler alone with God – and make the latter make the decision on when and how to end the life of the Führer.

But they didn’t – and paid for this fundamental theological mistake with their lives – and lives of thousands of others who believed them and followed them to the gallows (or, at best, to the firing squad).


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