Hitler’s Message to Us – Introduction


In a way, this whole book is a message to us from Adolf Hitler. However, I have reasons to believe that he would want to speak to us much more directly. Unlike just about everyone (with the exception of political neo-Nazis and followers of “esoteric Nazism”), I do not think that Adolf Hitler currently resides in Hell (as a Catholic, I believe in the immortality of a human soul).

Unlike the overwhelming majority of my brothers in faith, I believe that the “other world” (i.e. spiritual, intangible, “subtle” world) where we all will end up after the death of our physical bodies, has a much more complex structure than the traditional Heaven-Hell-Purgatory system preached by the Church.

Although I am no adherent of Norse mythology, I do believe that there is a place where warriors (especially those who explicitly or implicitly saved the human civilization from the existential threat) end up after death. Following the generally accepted tradition, I call this place “Valhalla”, although my vision of it is very different from the one presented in Norse myths and legends.

Although Adolf Hitler and other Nazis committed horrendous crimes against humanity, they did save our civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks (whom any genuine Christian would immediately recognize as indisputable servants of Satan).

True, saving Germany, Europe, the Christian civilization and the whole human civilization from the “Red Plague” was not the primary objective of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis (it was more of a by-product of their acquisition of the Lebensraum in the East). However, they did save “all of the above” thus providing a vitally, critically important service to God. The Christian God.

Consequently, I firmly believe that all Nazis who explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly made a material contribution to winning this genuinely existential war (i.e. for the very existence of “all of the above”), did not go to Hell.

Neither did they go to Heaven; their sins and their crimes were way too heavy for that. Therefore, they all reside in the abovementioned “Valhalla” – and can speak to us from there (like Purgatory and the Kingdom of Heaven, “Valhalla” has a “communication channel” into our world open to any individual with the necessary mystical/psychic/supernatural abilities).

Therefore, Adolf Hitler can, indeed, send a message to our world. Technically, he would need a medium (an individual with the abovementioned capabilities). I do have capabilities of that nature (or so it seems); however, I do not pretend to be a messenger/courier/speaker for Adolf Hitler in a psychic, spiritual, supernatural sense. I am a historian, not a spiritualist.

Hence, the following message from “Adolf Hitler” is not based on some kind of “spiritual revelation” received via a “communication channel” with Valhalla (I do not pretend to have access to anything of that sort).

Rather, it stems from (1) my knowledge and understanding of Adolf Hitler during his life on Earth in his physical body; and (2) an assumption that during the 74+ years in Valhalla, he understood the errors of his ways and the fundamental deficiencies of Nazi ideology. I also assume that his residence in “Valhalla” is connected to the Internet (just kidding) so he has a very much up-to-date information about what is going on in our world.

Not surprisingly, his message to us will consist of two parts. The first part will (obviously) contain his account of his life on Earth – why he did what he did and what kind of blunders he committed.

The second part will be far more relevant and (in his opinion) far more valuable to us. He sincerely believes that the Western Civilization faces an existential threat – again (albeit this time from very different destructive forces).

Unlike 86+ years ago, he is not in the position of doing something about it; the only thing he can do for us (i.e. for the Western Civilization) is to give us some advice (or offer some guidance, if you will).

It is very important to note, that this advice/guidance comes from Adolf Hitler, not from the author of this book. The fact that I included this message into my book, does not mean that I agree with every (or any) recommendation in the second part of this message. Or even with his assessment of the current state of the Western Civilization (and threats that it faces) for that matter.


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