The Raul Wallenberg Mystery (3)

Himmler colorAdolf Hitler was a quintessential Army man. Hence, he viewed his civilization – the Third Reich – as a mammoth army; the army that was fighting an existential war with Judeo-Bolshevism and its army – the mighty Soviet Union. Predictably (for him) the latter was supported by “capitalist liberal democracies” of the USA, Britain and their allies – controlled by the Jews, no doubt.

His army lost that war – and he as its Commander-in-Chief bore the utmost responsibility for that catastrophic defeat. Consequently, he had no right to live and had to take his own life (Samurai-style) as self-punishment for the ultimate disgrace.

Himmler’s view of the whole thing was radically different. Which was not surprising as the Third Reich was not his civilization, but Hitler’s and he was no military commander (except for largely political appointments as commander of the Replacement Army and the Army Group Vistula).

Hence he suffered no disgrace; in fact, he was very much proud of himself as delivered a devastating blow to the archenemy of Germany and Europe – the (purely fictitious) “Jewish race” by murdering six million of its people. Consequently, he had no moral or emotional reason to commit suicide.

Adolf Hitler thought (correctly) that he had lost the war. SS-Reichsfuhrer saw it differently. For him, the Second World War was not really a war, but only a battle. Just one battle in an epic existential conflict that was going on for millennia – the conflict between superior “Aryan Race” – the creators of the Western Civilization and the “inferior races” committed to destroying this civilization and to replacing it with… well, Hell on Earth.

For him it was a conflict between the Ultimate Good and Pure Evil; between the Forces of Light and Powers of Darkness; between God’s Warriors and Servants of the Devil.

By the Summer of 1944 Himmler was no longer a Catholic (he was decidedly neo-pagan), but like all genuine Christians, he firmly believed in the ultimate triumph of Good over Evil, of Light over Darkness; of “Aryan Race” over inferior races; of the Western Civilization over hostile destructive ones.

So he believed that either the next battle, of the battle after that battle will inevitably bring about the final victory for the “Aryan Race”. And – being a committed Nazi and SS-Reichsfuhrer – he was predictably confident that the Western Civilization could win this war only if it was armed by the national-socialist ideology and led by the SS (more precisely, by Die Neue SS – The New SS).

Hence, his Plan A (“Plan B” was an attempt to form a coalition with the Anglo-Americans and their Western Allies to start a war with the “Red Menace” right after the defeat of the Third Reich) was to create the organizational structure (the real ODESSA) that one day (when time comes) will come to power in all Western nations and lead them to victory against Bolshevism or some other existential threat.

Obviously, this structure needed substantial financial resources (measured in tens of billions of USD). The sources of these resources were obvious: (1) Nazi loot – valuables taken at gunpoint from the Jews and residents of occupied territories; (2) funds provided by loyal German industrialists – see the Red House Report; and (3)  top secret funds of the NSDAP – the proverbial “Party Gold”.

The latter was a treasure trove (literally) controlled by Franz Xaver Schwarz – the Party treasurer and one of the most mysterious Nazi leaders. He joined the SS in June of 1933 and almost immediately was promoted to SS-Obergruppenführer (an equivalent of a three-star general).

In 1942, he became one of only four individuals (and the only civilian) who was promoted to the rank of SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer (a four-star general). Which gives you some idea of his relationships with Heinrich Himmler.

For 24 years (1931-45) Schwarz was in full control of all financial matters of NSDAP (including its financial reserves in RM, gold, foreign currency and other valuables). He very conveniently died on in an Allied internment camp near Regensburg in Bavaria on December 2nd, 1947, officially due to recurring gastric troubles. He was 71 so no one bothered to conduct a thorough investigation of his death (or any investigation for that matter).

There is little (if any) doubt that just about everything in NSDAP coffers that could have been valuable in the post-war world, ended up in Himmler’s hands and was subsequently moved to Sweden, Switzerland, Latin America or the Vatican or hidden in places provided by Hans Kammler in Germany and Austria – to be used by Die Neue SS.

However, the source most relevant the Wallenberg mystery was not the NSDAP coffers, but a train. The very real (unlike other such trains) Hungarian gold train.


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