Nazi Pro-Euthanasia Propaganda

E031_propagandaDuring their six years in power, the Nazis – more precisely, Josef Goebbels’ Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment (in Nazi Germany both were essentially the same) spent enormous amount of time, money and effort on an extensive pro-euthanasia propaganda campaign.

Campaign that had but one objective – convince Germans that euthanizing (i.e. killing) mentally and/or physically incurably sick or deformed (and thus hopelessly unproductive) individuals is the best solution of this problem both for the individuals in question and for all other Germans.

Countless articles in newspapers and magazines, radio broadcasts and even films such as The Inheritance (Das Erbe, 1935), The Victim of the Past (Opfer der Vergangenheit, 1937), and I Accuse (Ich Klage An, 1941) kept sending but one message: life could be so much better for the productive many if the non-productive few were simply eliminated.

Would it not be better for them as well if the state puts an end to their misery and suffering? Is it not the duty of the German state – and of every patriotic German – to do so?

The poster says: This is what you are carrying – one individual with a hereditary disease costs 50,000 Reichsmark – if he lives to the age of 60.  The picture in the back is presumably a mental asylum. 

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