Night of the Long Knives (2)

8AA09949-9F41-49EC-A53C-806C9807EA1FNow the key questions. What were Hitler’s objectives? What did he want to accomplish by planning and executing Operation Hummingbird? And why on bloody Earth (literally) did he decide to use mass murder as the key tool to achieve his objectives?

The last question is the easiest one to answer – by far. Adolf Hitler (who made the final decision to launch Operation Hummingbird) decided to use mass murder as the key tool to achieve his objectives because (1) he always considered violence and brutal force the most efficient tools for solving just about any problem and achieving just about every objective; and (2) he always chose the most radical solution to the problem at hand. And there is no more radical solution than murder.

For Adolf Hitler, Operation Hummingbird had but one fundamental objective – make Hitler’s power over Germany practically absolute by removing all obstacles and opposition. All other objectives were of secondary importance.

Hitler was a textbook national-sociopath. He was driven by a deep, sincere and passionate love for Germany and by no less profound hatred for all its enemies – real and perceived.

Consequently, he wanted absolute power (more precisely, to come as possible to absolute power as the military had no desire to completely relinquish their own) not for the sake of power, but to perform the radical (and vital) reengineering of Germany.

Reengineering that will transform defeated, depressed, impoverished, ransacked, robbed at gunpoint and thus deeply unhappy nation (to put it mildly) into a political, economic and military superpower capable of fighting and winning a genuinely existential war (which, incidentally, at the same time was a colonial war for the Lebensraum in the East). And, obviously, of doing away with humiliating shackles imposed by the “Versailles criminals” – and of properly punishing them.

A quintessential Army man, he had a black-and-white vision of reality – everyone who opposed him (even in minute details) was his mortal enemy and the traitor of Germany. And there were only two ways to deal with traitors – kill them (usually) or send them to a concentration camp (at best), where they will be treated very harshly.


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