His Monstrous Crimes (2)

20190907_193824000_iOSNow a millions-of-lives question is: How did Adolf Hitler became such a monstrous, horrible criminal? And an equally important question is: How he managed to convince, inspire and motivate thousands and thousands of initially quite decent Germans to eagerly participate in these enormous, horrific felonies?

Let’s start with Adolf Hitler. First, he was a quintessential Army man and thus had a totally military perspective of life. Which meant that for him violence, use of deadly force and even murder were perfectly acceptable tools in any serious conflict. Both in was and in (presumably) civilian life.

Who was (as I have mentioned on many occasions), a national-sociopath. Which means that he did not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about not only physical and emotional well-being of non-Aryans (Jews, Slavs, etc.) but about their very lives.

Few psychopaths (sociopaths) become serial killers or mass murderers but some do – and their personality disorder is a major factor in their transformation. And Adolf Hitler was definitely one of those “very few”.

A closely related factor was his obsession with Lebensraum (“living space”) for Germans. Although he never mentions it explicitly, it is pretty evident that he was fundamentally shocked by the Great Hunger of 1917-19 (which killed about a MILLION his compatriots).

He was so shocked that he made it his Mission to make sure that the Germans always have enough to eat (blockade or no blockade). In other words, that it is always self-sufficient in all basic foodstuffs.

As German soil was not capable of feeding all Germans (no matter how efficient agricultural technologies could become), the only way to achieve that objectives was to fight the colonial war.

In other words, to invade, conquer and colonize territories in the East (mostly in Poland and in the Soviet Union). And then use these territories to provide ample supply of foodstuffs to Germans to make German-controlled territories self-sufficient in basic food.

Which in reality meant that millions of native inhabitants of these territories were doomed to death from starvation. Which did not bother Hitler (a national-sociopath par excellence) in the least. The logic of a national-sociopath is simple, brutal and murderous – if we need to starve a Slav to provide a German with proper nourishment, so be it.

Another personality trait that ultimately transformed Adolf Hitler into such a monstrous criminal was that he always chose (and always instructed his subordinates to choose) the most radical solution to the problem at hand. Which in the time of war almost always meant murder.

Which, incidentally, all but proves that Adolf Hitler did order total extermination of Jews in German-controlled territories as the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”.

Although there is no documentary evidence to confirm that (in such matters Hitler preferred to issue oral directives), most likely he was presented (by Himmler or Heydrich or Göring) with several alternatives. And chose the most radical one: Kill them all!

But the most fundamental idea that made him such a monstrous mass murderer was his concept of an existential racial war – the core and the foundation of all his ideology, philosophy, decisions and actions.

He firmly (and incorrectly) believed that Germany (and the whole “Aryan race”) were fighting the genuinely existential war with “alien races” – first and foremost, with the mythical “Jewish race”.

As the war was existential, victory was not everything – it was the only thing. The only thing that mattered. Hence, all was fair in this war; all tools, methods and actions were permissible – no matter how immoral or criminal.

Aas the war was racial, there were no non-combatants – everyone was a combatant. Men, women, children, the elderly – everyone. Hence, it was OK to kill not only enemy soldiers, but civilians as well. Thus for him the Holocaust was as much a military operation as Operation Barbarossa.


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