His Party: the NSDAP

NSDAP_SignThis section is essentially a concise biography of NSDAP or, as it is more widely known, the Nazi Party. This biography is quite naturally divided into four key stages in a rather short life of this political entity:

  1. Pre-Hitler: 1918-19
  2. Rising to Power: 1919-33
  3. Using the Power: 1933-39
  4. Fighting the Second Great War: 1939-45

Every stage will be analyzed using a standard questionnaire (of sorts):

  1. Objectives: what the Party had to accomplish
  2. Structures: what structures (organizations, departments, etc.) the party had to create to achieve its objectives
  3. Activities: what decisions were made and actions performed to achieve these objectives
  4. Personnel: Party leaders and bureaucrats who made the decisions and performed the activities in question
  5. Results: what were the results of Party decisions and activities; whether actual results were the same as planned and if they were different, then why


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