His Entities

20190907_193635000_iOSAdolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. By definition, an entrepreneur creates entities (either by engineering from scratch or by engineering existing entities). A political entrepreneur (obviously) creates political entities – a movement, a society, a party, a state – and sometimes the whole brand new (and maybe even unique) civilization.

These entities are in many ways the “babies”, the “children”, the “offspring” of the entrepreneur in question who expresses, implements, realizes himself (or herself)  in them.

Consequently, to properly understand the entrepreneur in question, one must understand the entities that he or she has created. So “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” absolutely must include the chapter that will cover in sufficient detail all entities that Adolf Hitler has created:

  1. His Party – National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP)
  2. His Stormtroopers – the Sturmabteilung (SA)
  3. His State – The Führerstaat
  4. His Civilization – the Third Reich (this section will cover both tangible and intangible Reich – the Third Reich egregore)

Each section (and the whole chapter), obviously will be followed by Analysis & Conclusions. I will not cover the SS anywhere in this book, because this “Black Order” of the Third Reich was the creation, the “baby”, the “offspring”, the “child” of another prominent political entrepreneur – Heinrich Himmler.

Who essentially created “a state within a state” and a “cult within a cult”. The SS were so huge, diverse, complex and powerful that they deserve a book of their own.

Which, incidentally, I will write right after I complete this one – under the working title: “The Essential Guide to the SS: Everything You Need to Know about Himmler’s Empire”


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