Leader of a Charismatic Totalitarian Cult (1)


One of the most popular misconceptions (myths, actually) about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich was the existence of the “personality cult” of the former in the latter. Cult created by Adolf Hitler himself and developed, maintained, propagated and used by the mammoth (in both size and power) Nazi propaganda machine. Machine run by the flamboyant Dr. Josef Goebbels – IMHO, in some ways even more charismatic than the Führer himself.

The reality was fundamentally different. There was a cult in the Third Reich all right, but it was a cult of a different nature entirely.

In fact, the Third Reich is not only a giant Army, but also a gigantic destructive charismatic totalitarian cult of a quasi-religious nature. The Nazis (national-socialists) and the majority (if not the overwhelming majority) of Germans, indeed, worshipped idols – Race, Nation, Blood, Soil, Honor… but not Adolf Hitler.

Which made the Third Reich fundamentally different from Communist destructive charismatic totalitarian cults in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam (Cambodia under Khmer Rouge was a different story).

These cults were Communist in name only; in reality, they were classic Asian dictatorships of a decidedly quasi-religious and quasi-monotheist nature. Its subjects (there were no citizens there – only subjects) worshipped one idol – their Communist leader (Stalin, Mao, Kim Il-Sung, etc.).

Unlike these leaders, Adolf Hitler was the leader, the implicit High Priest of the “Nazi Cult”, not an object of worship. Hence, although his veneration by the Nazis and by Germans in general did look a lot like the personality cults of Stalin, Mao, Kim, etc., in reality it was not.

The Third Reich was a gigantic quasi-religious cult (but not a Satanic, of course). Consequently, in order to properly understand Nazi Germany (and Adolf Hitler personally), we must thoroughly study destructive charismatic totalitarian cults. And that’s exactly what I will do in this chapter.

Always keeping in mind the fundamental difference between these cults and the Third Reich (and their leaders and Adolf Hitler, of course). Leaders of these cults used their tools (brainwashing, coercion, violence, flattery, etc.) and the whole cult system to satisfy their (mostly sinful) desires.

Money, power, sex… the whole nine yards of sin. In other words, he used his followers to achieve happiness for himself (charismatic cult leaders are almost exclusively male). The way he perceived happiness, of course.

The same was true with the Communist dictators, although usually they were focused singularly on power, satisfying their pride – the heaviest and the most deadly of all cardinal sins.

Adolf Hitler used the abovementioned tools (and the whole Nazi system) to satisfy genuine needs of the Germans (as he perceived them, of course). In other words, to make them genuinely happy – all of them. Consequently, while charismatic cult leaders served themselves, Adolf Hitler served his people, His nation. His Germans.

The same was true in politics. Stalin, Mao, Kim Il-Sung and other ostensibly Communist leaders worked for themselves. Churchill, Roosevelt and other leaders of “Western democracies” worked for the elites. Adolf Hitler worked for the whole German people (the German nation).

Hence it is no surprise at all that he was so passionately and viciously hated by all Allied leaders. And that they were so obsessed with destroying the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler personally – even when it was not in the interests of their own nations (i.e. Great Britain).

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