The CEO of the Third Reich

Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. And any entrepreneur, by definition, is the CEO of some organization (business, government entity, non-profit, etc.). Consequently, it is the role of a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) that defines the entrepreneur in question. Hence, to understand the entrepreneur, one must understand both his or her organization and his or her role.

Adolf Hitler was the entrepreneur of several entities – the Nazi Party (NSDAP), the Nazi State (Führerstaat) and the whole Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). The latter was actually a unique civilization.

Consequently, to understand Adolf Hitler, we must understand the abovementioned organizations and his role in each of these entities. However, as the latter have a lot in common, it makes sense to begin with describing and analyzing his general role as a CEO.

And the best way to do it is to use the standard structure (a questionnaire of sorts) that will present and analyze his ideology (i.e. the ideology of national-socialism), his fundamental mission, his vision for Germany, his strategic objectives, his strategies, his tools and methods, his key projects and, finally, his management and leadership style.

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