His Second Book: Analysis (1)

IMG_1039Like his first book (Mein Kampf), Hitler’s second book is also not a book – it is a very long speech (albeit at 200 typed pages the latter is far shorter than the former). Actually, like Mein Kampf, it was a speech as it was dictated by Adolf Hitler to his secretaries.

However, unlike Hitler’s first book, this one was never edited and thus is a far more uncomfortable and difficult read. On top of that, probably half of the book is totally and completely irrelevant (and most likely, was pretty much irrelevant in 1928).

In addition, a large chapter is devoted to the problem of South Tyrol which is completely irrelevant to the history of the Third Reich and even in 1928 was a relatively minor issue.

My explanation of why this book was not published, is simple and straightforward – in 1928 and most of the 1929 Hitler, indeed, did not have enough time for editing the manuscript… and on October 29th, 1929 the Great Depression hit the world, which required making radical changes to a manuscript. For which there was definitely no time.

In terms of style, structuring, etc. a high-impact speech is very different from a high-impact book and listening to even a top-quality speech is very different from reading one. I do not doubt that Hitler was probably the most powerful orator of the 20th century but reading his speeches (at least this one) borders on psy-masochism.

There is one more feature that makes reading this book not a pleasant read (to put it mildly) for a professional historian. This is obviously a propaganda piece and thus is full of wild exaggerations, claims not supported by any evidence whatsoever and outright lies.

It is obvious that the author is poorly educated (and this is often an understatement) and thus… well, not exactly competent in matters of history and foreign relations (in other words, sometimes has no idea about the things he writes about). Worse, this book demonstrates beyond the reasonable doubt a woeful lack of formal education of the author.

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