His Second Book (13)

IMG_1040The incorporation of nine million German Austrians into [Ein] Reich would have been a more valuable result for the history and for the future of our people than the gain—of dubious consequence—of a few French coal or iron-ore mines.

[Adolf Hitler achieved both objectives – the former in 1938 and the latter in 1940]

In Germany one can be imprisoned for months based on a denunciation alone, and that house searches, violations of the secrecy of letters, telephone wiretapping—all unconstitutional violations of personal freedom guaranteed by the civil rights of this state—are the order of the day.

[A perfect description of Hitler’s Führerstaat – the Third Reich. And a gross exaggeration of violation of basic human rights in Weimar Republic]

In “nationalist Bavaria,” the deathly ill Dietrich Eckart  was thrown into so-called protective custody – despite medical evidence and without even a trace of any guilt except, at most, his incorruptible nationalist sentiments—and kept there so long that he eventually collapsed and died two days after his release.

[This is not exactly true. On 9 November 1923, Eckart participated in the failed Beer Hall Putsch which from the legal standpoint was an act of high treason. Consequently, his arrest on November 15, 1923, and incarceration first in Stadelheim, then in Landsberg were in full compliance with Bavarian Criminal Code (and would have been in compliance of the Criminal Code of any country).

His November 22, 1923, request to be released because of his “creeping heart disease” (caused by his chronic alcoholism – let’s be honest) was, indeed, granted only a month later – on December 20th, 1923.

Which no doubt also was in full compliance with a Bavarian law and although Eckart, indeed, died from a heart attack less than a week later – of a heart attack in Berchtesgaden on December 26th, there is no solid proof that it was this month-long incarceration that killed him]

We will also never sacrifice the blood of our people to achieve minor border corrections, but only to gain space for the further expansion and feeding of our people.

[In other words, Nazi Germany will fight only colonial wars in the East (and in the West). Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear]

So if one examines Germany’s foreign policy options more closely, then only two states actually remain as potential valuable allies for the future: Italy and England.

[Delusion on both counts. England was never ever going to support Germany in its attempt to achieve hegemony in continental Europe and (as could have been easily predicted), Italy turned out to be much more a liability than in asset. In other words, in terms of military value Italy was “net negative”]

In the distant future, one could then perhaps imagine a new [European] association of nations – composed of individual states of superior national quality – that could then perhaps challenge the imminent overpowering of the world by the American Union.

[This prediction turned out to be right on target – the European Union was established on November 1st, 1993]

German peasants no longer needs to shift its rural offspring to the large cities as factory workers, but instead will be able to settle them as independent farmers on their own land.

Which will open up an internal market for German industry which will gradually withdraw and remove it from the frenzied struggle and the tussle for a so-called place in the sun in the rest of the world.

[The “Blood and Soil” delusion. Looks nice and romantic, the only problem is that it does not work – it is impossible to reverse industrialization. Market forces were way too powerful even for a mighty totalitarian Führerstaat]

In fascist Italy, domestic and foreign policy are determined by purely Italian national interests.

[Actually, by perceptions of Mussolini and his fascist party. Which sometimes did match the national interests of Italy. And sometimes did not]

The war against Germany was waged by a most powerful international coalition in which only some of the states could have had a direct interest in the destruction of Germany.

[Actually, none of the Allied Powers had any interest in destroying Germany. They pursued other objectives]

An enormous war propaganda campaign began to cloud the public opinion of these peoples [i.e. citizens of Allied Powers] and excite them for a war that could bring no advantage to some of these peoples, and sometimes ran completely contrary to their true interests.

[Not always. The French fought to get back Alsace-Lorraine, to prevent occupation of their country by Germany and to (ideally) make France the dominant power in Europe. All these powers were very much in the interest of French people – top to bottom.

The English fought to prevent Germany from becoming a dominant power in Europe (which could have led to the “continental blockade” similar to the one unsuccessfully attempted by Napoleon I). This goal was also very much in the interests of the British citizens.

Only the goals of the Russian government – establish control over Bosporus, gran Galicia and some other lands from the Habsburg Empire, dissolve the latter and establish hegemony in the Balkans – were alien to Russian citizens.

Hence it is no surprise at all that England and France won the Great War and the Russian Empire lost it]

The power that initiated this enormous war propaganda campaign [in the Allied nations] was international Jewry.

[Wrong. In reality, war propaganda campaign was designed and implemented by Allied governments. Which were in no way influenced by Jews – domestic or international

And to the extent that one can even speak of a “Jewish” position in World War I, it was – due to the pogroms in Russia – more pro- than anti-German.]

Judaism is not a religious community; rather, the religious ties between the Jews are in reality the current national constitution of the Jewish people.

[Actually, it is, although in reality there are several communities (Orthodox, Reform, etc.) that often fight with each other. However, it is far more than just a religious community]

Jewish religious community is a real state because it ensures the preservation, propagation, and future of the Jewish people. But this is the job of the state alone.


The fact that no territorial boundaries underlie the Jewish state—as is the case with Aryan states—is explained with the fact that the essence of the Jewish people lacks the productive forces to build and sustain a territorial state.

[No. It was because the Jewish nation at that time did not possess the military power necessary for establishing and protecting its state]

The basis of the Aryans’ struggle for survival is the land, which is cultivated by them and which now provides the general basis for an economy that, in an internal cycle, satisfies their own requirements through the productive forces of their own people.

[First, not for mere survival, but for genuine happiness. Second, in reality the basis is not the land but the creative power (value) of the human capital of the nation in question. And not necessarily Aryan (Israel, Japan, Singapore are perfect examples) – although in the times of Hitler it was not yet evident]

The Jewish people, because of its lack of productive capabilities, cannot carry out the territorially conceived formation of a state; instead, it needs the labor and creative activities of other nations to support its own existence. The existence of the Jew himself thus becomes a parasitic existence within the life of other peoples.

[Nothing can be further from the truth. In reality, the Jews are the most creative and productive nation in the world – by far. Hence, the Jewish nation is a “value donor” – it generates far more aggregate value – financial, functional and emotional – for the “host nations” than receives from them]

The ultimate goal of the Jewish struggle for survival is the enslavement of productively active peoples.

[No. The ultimate goal is to remove any incentive for the “host nations” to persecute the Jews. Which, alas, more often than not was an exercise in futility]

In terms of domestic policy, he fights within the individual [“host”] nations first for equality and then for superiority.

[Equality yes; superiority no. Jews wanted to either completely assimilate, emigrate to Palestine or isolate themselves from the locals as much as possible. The idea of superiority is completely alien to all three objectives]

In terms of foreign policy, he attempts to get the peoples into restlessness, divert them from their true interests, hurl them into wars with one another, and thus gradually – with the help of the power of money and propaganda – become their masters.

[Now that’s a total BS (pardon my French). There is not a shred of evidence that supports these outrageous claims. Which are followed by anti-Semitic statements so genuinely insane that it makes no sense to comment on them]

The victims of this Jewish fight for dominance [i.e. the Civil War of 1918-22] in Russia totaled twenty-eight to thirty million dead among the Russian people.

[Another blatant exaggeration. In reality, the total number of deaths caused by the Civil War is estimated at between 7 and 12 million with the most probable number standing at around 10 million]

No people in the world has made so many sacrifices and given so much blood to ensure its continued existence as the German people.

[Another statement that is not supported by any evidence whatsoever]

England’s goal is the elimination of every major power on the Continent.

[No, it is maintaining the rivalry (and the balance) between two key powers – Germany and France. And making sure that Russia does not “join the party”]

Consequently, war against Germany no longer makes sense.

[It does – if Germany once again becomes capable of becoming the dominant power in continental Europe]

Russia, which once achieved statehood through Germans…

[Actually, through Mongols and the descendants of the Scandinavian tribes]

… is now led by international Jews.

[Actually, by one Georgian – a rather typical Asian despot]

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