His Second Book (10)

IMG_1033[Human] history was gradually shaped here by the racially superior peoples of the Occident [the countries of the West, especially Europe and America]

[Culturally, not racially. Western civilization became the dominant power in our world due to the inherent superiority of the synergy between Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian cultures (and religions) – three cornerstones of the Western Civilization]

Danger arises that the decline of racially inferior Europe will gradually lead to a new determination of the fate of the world by the people of the North American continent.

[Again, it is about cultural, not racial decline (albeit these days they are somewhat related). The USA did become the dominant power in the world (first one of the two superpowers, then the only superpower) but not due any cultural superiority or the cultural decline of Europe – but strictly because the latter was devastated and thus radically weakened by the Second World War]

If in the future our people continues living with the same political thoughtlessness as in the past, it will ultimately have to renounce the claim to international significance.

[It continued to do so (modern Germany is a reincarnation of Weimar Republic) but it did not prevent Germany from a mighty comeback – it is a de-facto economic and political leader of Europe and thus its international significance is not in doubt at all]

In the context of the future international state hierarchy, it will be at most what Switzerland and Holland were in the previous Europe.

[Another gross error – while Switzerland was never a major player in Europe, the Netherlands for more than a century were one of the four major naval powers – together with Britain, France and Spain. Plus made a hefty contribution to European culture]

That will be the end of the life of a [German] people whose history has been world history for two thousand years.

[Another gross exaggeration. In reality, German people significantly influenced the European (and thus world) history for about half that long – when the German kings ruled the Holy Empire. And even then they lagged far behind the French, the Italians, the English, the Spaniards and the Arabs.

And for the first 450 years or so the world history was the history of the Romans – and thus the Italians (who ran the Western Roman Empire) – and the Greeks (who ran its Eastern part)]

Only a new reformation movement, which counters haracial thoughtlessness with deliberate recognition and draws all conclusions from this recognition, can still tear our people back from this abyss.

[Not racial, of course, because the problems of Germans in 1928 were not biological, but mental. More specifically, it was PTSD – the inevitable result of a whole series of deep psychological traumas (the Great Hunger, the radical political change from monarchy to republic; the defeat in World War II; the armed robbery and humiliation in Versailles, the hyperinflation, the Communist and far-right coups, etc.) that predictably plunged most of the Germans into a deep depression.

Hence the psychological objective of the reformation movement was to heal the PTSD and the depression and thus restore the mental health of the Germans. This could have been done only by (1) setting up a highly attractive and almost-impossible goal; (2) providing Germans with motivation and inspiration sufficient for achieving that goal; and (3) achieving it in a matter of a few short years.

That’s exactly what Nazis did – and their success had nothing to do with “racial recognition”]

It will be the duty of the National Socialist movement to transfer the either already existing or through future findings and scientific insights of racial theory—as well as the world history it elucidates—into practical, applied policy.

[The racial theory was – and is – a bunch of BS (pardon my French). Consequently, it created a highly distorted and grossly incorrect perception of the word. Which inevitably led not only to monstrous crimes, but also to colossal blunders that ultimately led to the defeat in the Second Great War, demise of the Third Reich and Hitler’s suicide in the Führerbunker.

Actually, monstrous Nazi crimes were colossal blunders as well. Especially the Holocaust]

Because the economic fate of Germany today vis-à-vis America is to some degree also the fate of other European nations [true], there is again, particularly among our people, a movement of devout adherents that wishes to counter the union of the American states with a European one, in order to prevent the world hegemony of the North American continent.

[This thinking ultimately led to the establishment of the European Union. And excellent idea from the purely economic perspective; from the political one – not so much. At least in the way it is currently implemented]

The American union is able to rise to such a threatening height is because millions square kilometers of the most fertile and richest soil are inhabited by millions of individuals of the highest racial quality.

[Cultural, not racial. More specifically, with the enormously powerful entrepreneurial spirit. This is, alas, something that the EU lacks dearly – with inevitable highly negative consequences]

The size of the Russian population is not accompanied by such an intrinsic worth that this size could become a danger for the freedom of the world. At least not in the sense of an economic or power-political domination of the rest of the world,

[Dead wrong. Hitler incorrectly believed that Bolshevism (the already dominant version of Marxism in 1928) was a Jewish invention and a Jewish conspiracy. In reality, it was powered primarily with the Russian imperialist messianic idea (I will explain it in detail in the corresponding chapter of this book).

This idea was so spiritually and emotionally powerful and was such a fundamental component of the Russian egregore (“collective soul”) that the Soviet Union (the Bolshevist version of the Russian empire) was very much an existential danger to the “freedom of the world” (i.e. to the human civilization as we know it).

The existential danger because the ultimate objective of the Russian imperialist messianic idea was exactly the power-political domination of the rest of the world]

Thus, the pan-European movement rests from the beginning on the fundamental basic mistake that quality of population can be made up for with quantity of population.

[This appears to be one of the key deficiencies of the present-day European Union. Another (and a related) deficiency is that the system imposed by the Eurobureaucrats on the Old World does not allow to maximize the productivity of each European citizen in terms of generating aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual]

But as the American people progressively fulfill the internal colonization task, the natural activist drive, which is inherent particularly in young peoples will turn outward.

[Of course it did. But (predictably) to its “backyard” – Central and South America. And Cuba. Using almost purely economic means]

The American union’s power of assimilation failed with the Chinese as well as with the Japanese elements.

[It didn’t. Ultimately, these two elements – as well as Vietnamese and other Asian ones – became perfectly integrated into American life]

People sense this quite clearly and know it, and thus would prefer to exclude these foreign elements from immigration.

[Actually, no. As a whole, the Asians are the most productive and efficient social group in the USA. After the Jews, of course. Thus the Asians are very much welcome]

If one had had even the most limited bellicose intentions in Germany, then it would   have been possible, through a number of measures that could have been perfunctorily implemented easily, to give [in] the beginning of the war already a completely different look.

[Not exactly. The “party of war” in Imperial Germany was quite strong in June of 1914 (in other words, there were lots of very powerful individuals with very bellicose intentions); however, there were no immediate plans to start the European war on either Western or Eastern fronts]

But Germany had no definite foreign policy goal in view, had no aggressive steps in mind to realize this goal, and was therefore surprised by the events.

[The first statement is debatable; the second one is a lie and the third one… most likely is not exactly true as well. German foreign intelligence obviously did have an information (obtained from Austria and through its own efforts) about Young Bosnia and its terrorist plans. As well as about Black Hand, Russian influence in Serbia, etc.

Hence it is highly unlikely that the Sarajevo assassination and subsequent actions of Serbia and Russia caught the German government completely by surprise]

From Austria-Hungary one could hope for [sic] no other foreign policy goal than to wriggle through the dangers of European policy in such a way that the rotten state entity did not bump up against anything, and thus be able to conceal the true inner character of this monstrous cadaver of a state.

[That’s the best definition of the Habsburg Empire and its foreign policy I have ever seen]

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