His Second Book (8)

IMG_1026The only war aim that would have been worthy of enormous casualties [suffered by a German Army on the battlefields] would have been to promise the German troops that so many hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of land would be allotted to the frontline soldiers as property or made available for colonization by Germans.

[Would not have worked because from Day 1 Germany and Austria were fighting a defensive, not an offensive war. It was fighting primarily to maintain the territorial integrity of the Habsburg Empire and of its own – keep Alsace-Lorraine under German control. Becoming a dominant power in Europe and grabbing valuable land from Russia were secondary considerations – by-products of sorts.

Actually, absence of the “ulterior motives” in wartime propaganda is a highly convincing evidence that Germany did not seriously prepare for an offensive war. The problem was that none of the defensive war aims provided enough motivation for the troops and especially for the nation to fight and win the war.

Russia and Austrian-Hungarian Empire had the same problem while France, Britain (and its former colonies – Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) and the USA were far more successful in motivating their troops. Hence it is no surprise that Germany, Russia and the Habsburg Empire lost the war and the Allied Powers won.

For Hitler’s idea to work, Imperial Germany had to plan the Great War as an offensive war and to initiate it at the most opportune moment. And conduct its propaganda accordingly. Which as we now know was not the case].

The collapse that the German nation suffered in 1918 was not due, as I will establish again here, to the demise of its military organization or the loss of its weapons, but rather to the internal decay.

[No. The military system collapsed because the critical mass of its personnel – top to bottom – realized the hopelessness of the situation and the inevitability of defeat.

The civilian system collapsed because the critical mass of the population no longer trusted the existing institutions (Kaiser, monarchy, etc.). Sufficient number of individuals believed that these institutions would only make things worse and that a radical reengineering of the system (replacement of the monarchy with the democratic republic) was needed for Germany to survive, let alone prosper.

In other words, the existing system and its leaders discredited themselves in the eyes of a critical mass of the population. Exactly the same happened to Habsburg Empire in Austria-Hungary, to Romanov’s Empire in Russia and to Ottoman Empire in the Middle East]

The German people is gradually being threatened with the loss of its genetic quality [that’s BS, pardon my French], assertion of identity [this was true], and self-preservation drive [true as well].

Instead, internationalism is triumphing and destroying the value [culture, actually] of our people, democracy is spreading by smothering the individual identity [this was not true], and a nasty pacifist sewage is ultimately poisoning the mindset of bold self-preservation [this was true].

If this descent is not halted, our people will no longer be able to be counted among those nations with a promising future.

[This, alas, was very much true]

The inner quality of the old army was incomparably superior to all similar organizations.

[So after Adolf Hitler came to power, he structured his Führerstaat as one giant army]

The army [i.e. Reichswehr] becomes less and less an instrument of war and becomes instead an [internal] police force for maintaining peace and order.

[Pretty much as the Treaty of Versailles so drastically reduced the size of the German army that the latter could not wage any war – neither offensive nor defensive]

There are no armies to maintain the peace – only to wage victorious warfare.

[In Hitler’s time it was true – and the collapse of the French armed forces in 1940 proved it beyond the reasonable doubt]

It is the task of German foreign policy to bring about all the opportunities that could allow a German people’s army to be organized again.

[In other words, to do away with constraints imposed on Germany by the gang of international criminals with the Treaty of Versailles]

The task of the Reichswehr itself must be: to train the mass of [future] officers and sergeants for the future people’s army, with the instructional emphasis on the national responsibility for war

[And that’s exactly what has been done]


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