His Second Book (4)

IMG_1019The so-called domestic increase in production is in most cases only sufficient to satisfy the growing demands of the people, but certainly not the growing number. The growth in population could only be compensated by growth – expansion – of the Lebensraum.

[Now that’s a perfect example of how Hitler’s grossly incorrect perceptions of reality led to genuinely catastrophic consequences. The whole obsession with Lebensraum stemmed from the severe psychological trauma inflicted by the Blockade of Germany which caused the Great Hunger of 1917-19 (which directly or indirectly killed from 700,000 to a million Germans)

And hence is completely understandable. However, Adolf Hitler made several crucial errors that had deadly consequences for the Third Reich and for him personally.

First, he assumed that an increase in living standards of Germans will lead to the radical increase in birth rate. In reality, the exact opposite is true in the long-term (when people get more affluent, they become more individualistic).

Second, he severely underestimated the ability of agricultural technologies to radically increase production. And, finally, he did not realize that there was another way to make sure that the horrors of the Blockade and of the Great Hunger never happen again.

Make the key Western powers (Britain, France, the USA, etc.) recognize the existential threat of Bolshevism. Create an anti-Bolshevist coalition – and become its leaders. Which was very much possible – it did happen in 1949 when the NATO alliance was created with exactly this objective.

However, to pursue this strategy, Adolf Hitler would have had to abandon all hope to ever get Alsace-Lorraine back. Which obviously was unacceptable]

The management of the relationship between the population and the land area is of the utmost importance for the   existence of a people.

[Sure, but it does not necessarily mean the need for continuous territorial expansion]

The first right in this world is the right to life, provided one has the strength for it.

[Social Darwinism, plain and simple]

Man reduces the number of births but then tries to preserve the lives of all those who are born, regardless of their true value and inner quality.

[That’s precisely what is happening these days in every Western country]

Pathetic insanity of our time, which attempts to preserve the lives of the sickest subjects – at any price – while taking the lives of a hundred thousand healthy children through a decrease in the birth rate or through abortifacient agents, subsequently breeding a race of degenerates burdened with illness.

[A radical statement, sure, but does contain something to seriously think about]

Now, there are two other means by which a people can attempt to equalize the imbalance between population and land area. The first involves increasing the internal productivity of the land, which in itself has nothing to do with so-called internal colonization. The second   involves increasing the production of goods and converting the internal economy into an export economy.

[And both work pretty well – as have been proven beyond the reasonable doubt over and over again]

Today’s international market is not unlimited.

[Wrong. New inventions and business start-ups are continuously creating new (and often very lucrative) markets. Hence, the global economy continues to grow making the global market essentially unlimited]

Via economic competition the one nation [winners] obtains the possibility of life, and the other nations [losers] is thereby deprived of it.

[Fortunately, it does not happen this way. The losers simply create new markets (reinventing themselves) which ultimately results in the global “division of labor” which ensures survival and pretty much decent living standards – at least for the First World countries]

Due to industrialization, large masses of people are now gathered into work centers [large cities] that do not resemble cultural sites so much as abscesses on the body of the people—places where all evils, vices, and sicknesses appear to unite.

[Adolf Hitler idealizes the country/peasant life. In reality, city life is far more comfortable, cultured and generally humane than life in the country where it more often than not was very unpleasant, to put it mildly]

The cities are above all hotbeds of blood-mixing and bastardization, usually ensuring the degeneration of the race and resulting in that purulent herd in which the maggots of the international Jewish community flourish and cause the ultimate decay of the people.

[Another grossly incorrect perception of reality. In reality, blood-mixing improves the quality of the nation in question while inbreeding within the confines of the “same blood” inevitably leads to the degeneration of the nation in question]

Racial, moral, and ethical qualities are destroyed

[Moral and ethics qualities have nothing to do with race. They are all about culture, not blood; nurture, not nature; “software”, not “hardware”]

As soon as a stronger power mobilizes the real forces of political power rather than peaceful economic activity, the weaker peoples will collapse.

[Looks like some of Hitler’s views got stuck somewhere in the 18th century (early 19th at best). True, nations for millennia had been invading and conquering other nations – in Europe and all over the world – to get access to resources and to open up new markets for their goods. But the “opening up of Japan” by Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry in 1854 was the last such endeavor by a major world power.

Since then, it was found that economic, financial and diplomatic tools are far more efficient (and far less risky) than de-facto colonial wars. The catastrophic results of Nazi Germany’s attempts to revive this practice in Europe and of Japan in the Far East proved beyond the reasonable doubt how wrong Adolf Hitler actually was]

The nation can ultimately only be preserved when population and Lebensraum are in a certain natural and healthy relation to each other. This relation must be reviewed from time to time, and to the degree that it shifts into imbalance to the detriment of space, it must be restored to the advantage of the population.

To do so, however, a people needs weapons, because land acquisition is always linked to the use of [military] force.

[This is the essence of Hitler’s Lebensraum concept. He sincerely believed that rather sooner than later the explosive growth in German population will lead to shortages of basic foodstuffs and other natural resources.

Which will force the German leadership (i.e. Adolf Hitler) to start a colonial war to acquire sufficient Lebensraum to feed the Germans. Then sooner or later the explosive growth of German population will make the expanded Lebensraum insufficient – which will force the German leaders to start a new colonial war… and so on.

This process (which fortunately existed only in Hitler’s imagination) led to two conclusions. First, ultimately (in hundreds of years), Germans will inevitably have to conquer and populate the whole world and thus run out of Lebensraum to conquer… after which the big question will become: what next?

Second, to use the available Lebensraum to the fullest, they will inevitably have to get rid of competition. In other words, either deport the native population outside of the German-controlled territories… or simply exterminate them.

First the mentally sick, then too physically sick, then the Jews, then the Slavs… you get the picture. Consequently, This Lebensraum ideology (and all structures created to turn it into reality) was, indeed, a highly criminal one – no questions about that]

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