The Mystic (2)

IMG_1023Most individuals who claim to have mystical abilities are either charlatans (frauds) or sincerely delusional (i.e. clinically insane). Those who do have such abilities are either loners (or even hermits) or communicate with a usually tiny group of admirers (adepts of whatever religion these mystics happen to preach).

A miniscule number of mystics (a few dozen during the whole human history) command large audiences – and sometimes even influence rulers of not insignificant nations. A few (St. Therese of Avila, St. John of the Cross, etc.) write books that end up influencing millions.

Adolf Hitler was an absolutely unique mystic (his miraculous transfiguration and his no less miraculous achievements prove beyond the reasonable doubt that he was genuine).

Never before in human history a medium (a “bridge” of sorts) between a Higher Power and humankind became an incredibly successful political entrepreneur, a political leader and a CEO of a global superpower.

Which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Higher Power in question wanted Adolf Hitler to carry out a (let’s be honest) genuinely grandiose Mission (and thus equipped him with the necessary spiritual energies).

The Mission that required him not only to acquire (almost) unlimited power in a mighty European nation, but to re-engineer it into a radically different civilization. The Third Reich.

In one of the subsequent chapters of this book I will demonstrate that the most likely (and thus the true and correct) explanation of Hitler’s mystical powers is that (1) this Higher Power was, in fact, Christian God; (2) Hitler’s Mission was to fight and win the existential war with the “Red Leviathan” – Bolshevist Soviet Union that presented a genuinely existential threat to Germany and the whole Western Civilization; and (3) after winning this war the Third Reich was supposed to cease to exist – one way or the other.

In the section on the Nazi State, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the Third Reich (and thus Adolf Hitler) were doomed either way. Had they not lost the war (which actually happened) they would have been inevitably overthrown (and subsequently destroyed) by the military coup.

The coup similar not to July 20th, 1944 plot (that one was the amateurish disaster) but the one that was almost carried out by Hans Oster (the so-called “Oster Conspiracy” of September 1938).


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