His Second Book (2)


Now let’s start analyzing the “meat” (i.e. the content) of Das Zweites Buch.

These people [the Weimar politicians] cannot be enlightened, because for them the question of truth or error, right or wrong, is absolutely irrelevant. If an issue appears capable of being used to further their interests – in some cases partisan political interests and in some cases even highly personal interests – the truth or validity of such a matter is completely disregarded by these people.

[Sounds like Adolf Hitler is describing just about all modern Western politicians and government officials. Guess some things never change]

Today they hate anyone who opposes their interests, even if he offers a thousand times over the basis for a German reascendancy [transformation of Germany into a political, economic and military superpower].

The most useful proposals, even self-evident suggestions, are then boycotted, simply because they come from someone who seems to be associated with general thoughts that they believe—based on their partisan political and personal views—they are supposed [due to their ideology] to fight.

[Happens all the time these days – on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean]

To try to change such individuals is impossible. [Sad, but true. Hence, a radical reengineering of the Western Civilization is probably in order].

Today, I can point with satisfaction to the fact that a large number of individuals, including those in public political life, have undergone a revision in their attitude toward German foreign policy. And even if they didn’t see themselves able to take up our position [sic], they at least acknowledged the honorable intentions that guide us.

[As I have already mentioned, Adolf Hitler was very efficient in “reprogramming” – both with his fiery public speeches and in private conversations. One correction is in order, however – Nazi intentions were those of diehard national-sociopaths and thus could hardly be classified as “honorable”]

Today… the National Socialist movement, in its foreign policy positions, stands  totally alone and isolated among the German people and in political life.

[Not exactly. True, no other political party or movement was nearly as radical as the Nazis, but their objectives of doing away with Versailles restrictions, returning lands taking at gunpoint during the armed robbery and transforming Germany into political, economic and military superpower were shared by the overwhelming majority of both the elites and the common folk]

We can observe that cowardice today in all those who are fundamentally incapable of putting up a resistance to the Marxist plague.

[Very true. The Nazis were the only political force capable of saving Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolshevist Soviet Union]

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