The [Super]Human Being

IMG_0663First of all, Adolf Hitler was a human being. A very unique, yes, and highly imperfect (of course), but still a human being. Not a monster, not a ‘demon in flesh and blood’, not Devil (or ‘Evil’) incarnate, not Anti-Christ, but a human being. And must be analyzed, evaluated and treated as such.

However, not just a human being like the rest of us but a very special kind of a human being. In the next section (“The Genius”) I will present some pretty strong evidence that sometime in the summer of 1919, Adolf Hitler underwent a transfiguration (I could not find a better word) that transformed (let’s be honest) a nobody into the most talented and subsequently the most successful (in the short term) political entrepreneurs of the 20th century (if not the whole modern history).

For all practical purposes, Adolf Hitler was transformed (transfigured) – most likely, by one or more individuals from the Thule Society – into an absolutely unique individual, a genuinely superhuman being. An Übermensch, if you will.

Which, by the way, could very well have been the cause of his ultimate downfall and the demise of his Party, his state and his civilization – the Third Reich.

His transfiguration was, alas, mental and spiritual, not physical. His mind (and possibly his soul) changed, and changed radically, but his tangible, physical body stayed the same.

This transfiguration gave him access to enormously powerful spiritual energies (Vril?). These energies became the “fuel” that he used (IMHO more unconsciously than consciously) to achieve genuinely miraculous results – political, economic, military, social, cultural, etc.

However, these energies were way too powerful for a “regular” human body. To protect the latter, one must perform (on a daily basis) intensive and extensive physical, mental and spiritual exercises. Which Adolf Hitler was either totally unaware of (most likely) or simply was way too lazy to perform.

Consequently, at some point (probably at the beginning of World War II) these energies began to gradually destroy his body and his mind. Which, combined with his certified bipolar disorder (which gave him access to these energies in the first place), his other health problems, highly destructive treatment designed and implemented by his personal physician and Hitler’s character deficiencies (pride, stubbornness, etc.) ultimately led to colossal blunders.

Which, in turn, led to his defeat in World War II, the demise of NSDAP, the Nazi State, the Third Reich (more precisely, its physical component) – and his suicide in the Führerbunker.

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