The Genius

IMG_0516The proof of the pudding is in eating. This 17th century French idiom (it was coined by the poet and critic Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux) is applicable to just about anything and anybody. Including geniuses.

Consequently, by definition, a genius is someone who demonstrates outstanding, astonishing, unbelievable (sometimes even miraculous) creative ability. And there is only one way to demonstrate it – create something truly incredible; to achieve something tangible which is generally considered miraculous, humanly impossible and thus superhuman.

Adolf Hitler fits this definition one hundred percent. By summer of 1941, the Western Civilization had almost no chances of survival. It was almost surely doomed to be invaded, conquered, destroyed, transformed beyond recognition and incorporated into a global totalitarian Bolshevist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Adolf Hitler did not allow it to happen. Overcoming the seemingly impossible odds, he managed to save the Western Civilization (and ultimately the whole human civilization) from this unspeakably horrible fate.

True, this salvation came at a horrendous (and largely unnecessary) price, but the Western Civilization was saved. And at the end of the day, it’s all that counts.

It took one genius (Joseph Stalin) to build a truly gargantuan military-industrial Leviathan (the “Red Colossus”), willing and able to invade, conquer and destroy the Western civilization as we know it.

It took another genius (Adolf Hitler) to stop the “Red Tamerlane” and his Bolshevist hordes. And not just stop temporarily, but to inflict on this “Red Beast” such damage (in human, industrial and other resources) that it would forever lose its ability to conquer the Western Civilization (let alone the whole world).

This accomplishment alone was for Adolf Hitler to be recognized as not just a genius, but as a super-genius. But there were more – many more.

Adolf Hitler was a super-genius in what today is called systems engineering: designed and build two highly complex and extremely large (gargantuan, actually) structures – the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and the Nazi State (the Führerstaat). On top of that, he designed and built a whole unique civilization – one of the most complex (if not the most complex) – The Third Reich (Nazi Germany). That could have been done only by a super-genius.

Adolf Hitler was a super-genius in systems re-engineering as well. In just five years, he transformed a defeated, depressed, economically devastated, politically and militarily crippled, ransacked, poor, hungry and thus all but destroyed nation into a political, economic and military superpower – and the happiest nation in the world. Possibly in the whole human history.

Now that was the work not even of a super-genius. But of a super-super-genius. No one ever was able to engineer such a gigantic quantum leap in such a short time – neither before, nor since.

Still, there was more – many more. Here is an (incomplete) list of what Adolf Hitler accomplished in just over twenty (actually very short) years – 1919-41:

  1. Took over a miniscule marginal political party (its total membership was around 50) and in just ten years made it the most powerful political force in Weimar Republic
  2. Made the NSDAP the largest political party (parliamentary fraction) in the Reichstag by winning the majority (though not the absolute majority) of seats in general elections
  3. Became the Reichskanzler – head of the German government. Not bad for someone who at the age of 30 was essentially a nobody – no profession, no skills, no higher education, no connections, no management experience, a mere corporal in a German army – and not even a German citizen! He started at the very bottom of German social ladder and in just 15 years (!) became one of the most powerful men in the world. If not the most powerful.
  4. Acquired the absolute power in Germany – became the Führer of Germany. No small feat – in a nation with no totalitarian traditions whatsoever
  5. Did away with ALL shackles imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles.
  6. United practically all Germans in Europe into Ein Reich (with the exception of German-speaking Swiss cantons and the German Volga Autonomous Region in the USSR which was liquidated by Stalin after Hitler invaded the USSR)
  7. Made this Ein Reich the most politically powerful state in Europe (USSR was a Eurasian country). And one of the two most politically powerful nations in the world
  8. Earned political support, respect and admiration of an overwhelming majority of Germans (some estimate over 95%)
  9. Successfully negotiated annexation of German part of Czechoslovakia with major European nations – UK, France and Italy
  10. Successfully negotiated partition of Eastern Europe with his arch-enemy – Joseph Stalin
  11. By 1938 – in just five years (!) pulled Germany out of Great Depression. No other European or American leader was able to do that. Not even much-heralded (and much-hyped) Franklin Roosevelt.
  12. Did away with unemployment. Completely. In 1933, when Hitler came to power, there were six million unemployed in the country. By 1938, there was a shortage of workers (i.e. negative unemployment). Again, no other European or American leader was able to solve this problem
  13. Achieved unheard of economic growth. Between 1933 and 1938 German GDP grew, on average, by remarkable 11% (!) a year.
  14. Significantly increased real weekly earnings of German workers. From 1932 to 1938 gross real weekly earnings increased by 21%. After taking into account tax and insurance deductions and adjustments to the cost of living, the increase in real weekly earnings during this period was 14%.
  15. Kept prices stable. Adolf Hitler was the only one national leader who managed to restore full employment and achieve impressive economic growth while keeping inflation at essentially zero (1.2% on average for consumer goods with some prices actually declining). Even after the outbreak of World War II, workers’ income continued to rise. By 1943 average hourly earnings of German workers had risen by 25 percent, and weekly earnings by 41 percent
  16. Significantly increased industrial and agricultural output. Between 1932 and 1938 food consumption in Germany increased by 17%, clothing and textile sales increased by 27%, and sales of furniture and household goods went up by 50%. For the same time period, German motor vehicle production, , more than doubled in the five years of 1932 to 1937, while exports of cars increased eight-fold (!)
  17. Radically increased the profitability of businesses. During the first four years of the National Socialist era, net profits of large corporations quadrupled
  18. Radically improved economic situation in Austria after the Anschluss (actually, the spectacular economic transformation of Germany was the #1 reason why more than 90% of Austrians supported unification with Germany). Between June and December 1938 alone, the weekly income of Austria’s industrial workers rose by 9%. The unemployment rate in Austria dropped from 21.7% in 1937 to 3.2% (!) n 1939. The Austrian GNP rose 12.8% in 1938, and an astonishing 13.3% in 1939 (more than in Germany proper).
  19. In Weimar Republic (as in the Imperial Germany), the German society was dominated by aristocracy. Social lifts (upward social mobility for “lower classes”) was severely limited. Adolf Hitler (who himself started at the very bottom of social ladder) eliminated these social barriers, radically improving the upward mobility for the “common man”
  20. Developed and implemented a comprehensive program to encourage and support the social and economic mobility of German workers. His government greatly expanded vocational training programs, and offered generous incentives for further advancement of efficient workers
  21. Essentially, Adolf Hitler eliminated the class system altogether, replacing it with egalitarian society where everyone worked for the common good and everyone shared in the proceeds according to his or her contribution. Contrary to a very popular misconception, it was far more genuinely egalitarian than the Soviet Union.
  22. For the first time in German history, Adolf Hitler created a genuinely unified society. Unified around a common goal – making Germany secure, prosperous and genuinely happy
  23. Transformed the post-war Germany (post-Great War that is) broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence into a nation full of hope and confidence. Helplessness and hopelessness were replaced with feelings of security, confidence and self-assurance
  24. An important expression of national confidence was a sharp increase in the birth rate. Within a year after Hitler came to power, the birth rate in Germany jumped by 22%. For every two children born in Germany in 1932, three were born four years later (a 50% increase).
  25. Radically improved working and living conditions of the working class by providing substantial fringe benefits for workers that included subsidized housing, low-cost excursions, sports programs, and more pleasing factory facilities. These facilities included better health and safety conditions, canteens with subsidized hot meals, athletic fields, parks, subsidized theater performances and concerts, exhibitions, sports and hiking groups, dances, adult education courses, and subsidized tourism
  26. Significantly expanded the already extensive network of social welfare programs, including old age insurance and a national health care program
  27. Radically decreased the crime rate in Germany. Sir Arnold Wilson, a British M.P. who visited Germany seven times after Hitler had come to power, observed that “The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants”
  28. Radically reduced infant mortality in Germany (it as much lower than in the UK, for example), tuberculosis and other diseases and radically improved the overall health of the German population.
  29. Radically improved the emotional well-being of Germans. This was not only a result of the radical improvements in the economy, but of many Germans’ heightened sense of identification with the national purpose
  • Succeeded in persuading formerly skeptical and even hostile Germans of his (and his government’s and his party’s) sincerity, resolve and ability. This fostered trust and confidence, which in turn encouraged businessmen to hire and invest, and consumers to spend with confidence in the future.
  1. In short, Hitler transformed a very unhappy German society of the Weimar Republic into one of the happiest (if not the happiest) nations in the world
  2. Transformed a tiny Reichswehr allowed by the Treaty of Versailles into Wehrmacht (later augmented by Waffen SS) – the most powerful, efficient and fearsome fighting force in the history of mankind
  • Developed Blitzkrieg – a revolutionary method of warfare which made Wehrmacht and Waffen SS such a powerful, efficient and fearsome fighting force
  1. Used this method to achieve stunning military successes on the battlefield and to rapidly defeat and occupy Poland, the Benelux countries, Denmark, Norway, France, Albania, Yugoslavia and Greece
  2. Used this method to rapidly defeat and destroy the largest military force ever assembled – the 8-million First Strategic Echelon of Stalin’s Red Army. Literally hours before it could commence a Blitzkrieg of its own – with the ultimate objective of conquering the whole Europe – and ultimately our whole world
  3. Occupied the whole Czechoslovakia – without a shot being fired
  4. Made a whole series of breakthroughs in military technology by developing radically new weapons systems – Stg-44 assault rifle, XXI and XXIII series submarines, night vision devices for armored units and infantry, Tiger I tank, V-1 cruise missile, Fritz X guided bomb, Henschel Hs 293 anti-ship guided missile, aircraft ejection seat, Me-262 and He 162 jet fighters, Arado-234 jet bomber, revolutionary Arado 232 and Me-323 transport aircraft, Nebelwerfer multiple rocket launcher. And, of course, the venerable V-2 ballistic missile that for all practical purposes commenced the space era. The revolutionary MG-34 machine gun was also introduced and issued to units under Hitler

Now these are accomplishments of not just a genius, but of a super-super genius. A dark genius, sure – but a genius nevertheless. No wonder the overwhelming majority of Germans sincerely greeted each other with “Heil Hitler!” – they, indeed, approved enthusiastically decisions and actions of their Führer until at least 1944.

His arch-enemy Winston Churchill once said about Hitler:

“If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations.”

Evening Standard, 17 September 1937: “Friendship with Germany”.

The trillion-Reichsmark (literally) question is “How?????” How on Earth essentially a nobody became the most accomplished (and thus the most gifted) political entrepreneur of the 20th century (if not of the whole human history)?

If you carefully study any in-depth biography of Adolf Hitler, you will inevitably discover that something happened to Adolf Hitler sometime during the summer of 1919. It looks like either himself or someone (or something) else performed a radical reengineering of Adolf Hitler.

Reengineering that resulted in more than just a radical transformation, but in genuine transfiguration of Adolf Hitler. Transfiguration that turned him into a radically differing being. A super-human being.

It was transfiguration because it was too radical, miraculous and mysterious (i.e., too big Quantensprung) to be a mere transformation.

It is obviously impossible to pinpoint his transfiguration to a day; but it is maybe possible to pinpoint it to a month. Looks like it happened somewhere between May 6th (when Munich was liberated from the Reds) and June 5th 1919. On the latter day Adolf Hitler attended his first anti-Bolshevik ‘instruction course’ organized by the Information (i.e. Propaganda) Department of the German Army.

And it was a very impressive transfiguration indeed. Adolf Hitler received no higher education that could have been helpful in his political start-up project (actually, he received no higher education at all).

No management education (or even training), no formal education in politics (let alone in political analysis), economics, sociology, psychology – and no training in public speaking. Unlike Goebbels who had a doctorate level education in literature (very helpful for a propaganda professional), Hitler had no such education. Not even close.

With the exception of very limited public speaking experience to tiny audiences, Hitler had no relevant practical experience either. Yes, he was a decorated war hero who earned awards rarely bestowed on soldiers of his lowly rank but he has no command experience whatsoever. More than that, he actually turned down a promotion demonstrating loud and clear that he was not interested in the position of authority and command.

He never seriously considered any civilian career track other than an artist or an architect. And even a thought of becoming a government official – or any other public servant – was a total anathema to him.

There was only one system; one environment where he was completely comfortable – the Army. He was perfectly consent with remaining a mere corporal until retirement provided that it supplied it with sufficient income to satisfy his most basic needs.

In short, in his life prior to June 1919 there was nothing, absolutely nothing (neither the desire nor the resources) that could have even hinted on his becoming one of the most powerful and accomplished political entrepreneurs and statesmen of the XX century. Who would achieve genuine miracles both in the civilian life and on the battlefield.

From just about any perspective – political, social, managerial, military, etc. – he was a genuine nobody. Worse, in civilian life he was a misfit, an outcast and a miserable failure in his only attempt at greatness.

Which makes his transfiguration even more astounding. Suddenly (almost at the drop of a hat) he began demonstrating ALL talents (and formidable talents at that) required for a super-successful political entrepreneur.

He became not just a charismatic, but a genuinely mesmerizing public speaker (and a public manipulator) capable of converting to his ideology not only those who were initially neutral but even those who were openly hostile to it (i.e. the Marxist).

It appears that Adolf Hitler followed to a T a very rude (but a highly valuable) advice: “If shit happens, turn it into a fertilizer”. And that’s exactly what he did using vicious attacks by the Marxists to transform the attackers into a fanatical, dedicated and loyal Nazis.

All of a sudden he became a highly efficient manager (both of the administrative and financial components of this occupation), developed a system of highly efficient principles for achieving a fast (but manageable) growth of a political party (i.e. of organizational engineering); became an unrivaled wizard of political propaganda, a shrewd and highly efficient negotiator, an excellent judge of character (of individuals, social groups and broad masses); a skilled manipulator capable of using just about everyone (including some powerful highly experienced political figures) to achieve his objectives. Including those that wanted to use him to achieve theirs.

Having no military command experience whatsoever, he presided over the birth and explosive growth of SA – a paramilitary force far numerically superior to Reichswehr. And subsequently became a highly skilled military commander who achieved genuinely miraculous victories on the battlefields of Europe and the Soviet Union.

He suddenly became a highly skilled political analyst (his racial prejudices and anti-Semitism notwithstanding) who all of a sudden knew what the source of the key political, economic and social was.

What were the genuine needs of the broad masses were – and how to satisfy them; what were the deficiencies of the existing political system were and how to remedy them.

Out of the blue, he demonstrated a perfect understanding how to transform his political startup (DAP) into the most powerful political force in Germany; how to use it to acquire the absolute power in Germany and how to use this power to first transform the Weimar Republic into a totalitarian Führerstaat.

And how to subsequently use this Führerstaat to solve all fundamental problems of Germany and to do what the Germans wanted (and needed) to be done. In other words, how to satisfy their aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

Out of a sudden he began to demonstrate capabilities absolutely unique even for a political entrepreneur (and miraculous to a point of being super-human). Capabilities of creating not only a powerful ideology and a political program (neither were unique in and of themselves, but a unique State (i.e., political, economic, social and cultural system). And even more than that – an absolutely unique and deeply mysterious civilization.

It is a well-established fact that his self-education came to an end after he joined DAP in October of 1919. And his practical experience was nowhere near the one required for such a Quantensprung. For such a transfiguration.

Consequently, the trillion-Reichsmark question is (again): how on Earth did it happen? How did he (or someone or something else) engineered such a miraculous and seemingly impossible (and thus genuinely super-human) transition from “AS IS” to “TO BE”.

Two explanations come to mind: one is natural, the other… supernatural.

The “natural” explanation of his transfiguration is based on the well-established fact (announced by his personal physician) that Adolf Hitler suffered from a bipolar disorder (more on that later). And on another well-established psychological fact that such a unique combination of talents (and of such magnitude) can only come from nature, not nurture (the latter can help develop them, but can not create them).

In other words, a man in question is born with these talents. In most cases, these gifts reveal themselves from the early childhood and grow slowly (or not so slowly) until the individual in question learns how to used them to achieve something really spectacular (i.e., do the work of a genius).

Depending on the specifics of these talents, the individual and the circumstances, this can happen just about any time – from the very early years (Mozart began to compose music at the age of five) to late teens, twenties and even later.

In rare cases these talents remain dormant until a shock or a sequence of shocks triggers them. And that’s what probably (very probably) happened in Hitler’s case.

The first two major shocks were his rejections by the School of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. They were followed by a minor shock when he learned that he could not enter the School of Architecture because he did not have the required educational certificates (and could not get it due to his mental health condition – severe bipolar disorder).

But the decisive shocks happened during and immediately after the Great War. First he nearly escaped death a shell exploded in the dispatch runners’ dugout and was severely wounded in the thigh (spending two months in a hospital).

Then he was blinded in a mustard gas attack and for several days did not know for sure if he would be able to see again at all (let alone well enough to earn a living). Then he learned that due to the aftereffects of gas poisoning he will never be able to paint again (let alone become an architect).

Then came the humiliating defeat in the Great War (preceded and followed by the hunger of 1917-19), collapse of Imperial Germany, establishment of the Weimar Republic, Communists coups in Berlin and Munich. And, finally, the crushing and grossly unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles (a genuine armed robbery of Germany and Germans).

If this explanation is correct (which may or may not be true), then his transfiguration happened right after June 28th, 1919 (the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand) when the treaty was signed by Germany and the victorious Allies.

The supernatural explanation of his transfiguration reads (obviously) like a conspiracy theory. Which in many ways it is. However, it is based on irrefutable facts, certain logic and a not insignificant doze of common sense.

First, although the abovementioned “natural” triggers caused by a series of hard emotional shocks do happen, the transfiguration of Adolf Hitler was way too radical (i.e. Quantensprung was too big) to be explained by purely natural reasons.

It was a genuinely superhuman transfiguration – and thus the supernatural explanation appears much more appropriate than the natural one.

Second, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers’ Party) that Adolf Hitler joined in October of 1919 (and subsequently transformed into NSDAP – the Nazi Party) was created by Thule Society – the occult group. A group of occultists whose central belief was the inevitable coming of a “German Messiah” who would redeem Germany after its defeat in World War I.

Third, Captain Karl Mayr – a German General Staff officer and Adolf Hitler’s immediate superior in an army Intelligence Division in the Reichswehr (who introduced Hitler to politics) claimed in his memoirs that the order to make Hitler join the German Workers’ Party (DAP) and build it up came from no other than… General Erich Ludendorff.

Which was rather strange because at that time Ludendorff was a private citizen – he was forced out of the Army by the November Revolution (and even spent three months in exile in Sweden).

What made it even more strange was another irrefutable fact – Ludendorff met Hitler for the first time only three and a half years later – in May 1923. Soon he had regular contacts with National Socialists and in November of the same year he took part in the infamous Beer Hall Putsch led by Adolf Hitler (becoming essentially a deputy of the latter).

But the most interesting event happened in 1926. Ludendorff married his second wife Mathilde von Kemnitz and they established the Bund für Gotteserkenntnis (Society for the Knowledge of God), a small and rather obscure esoteric (i.e. occult) society that survives to this day.

With very, very few exceptions occult societies are totally and completely politically impotent and thus powerless to cause any serious harm (or do any serious good).

The Thule Society was an exception. It proved to be capable of doing both a serious good and a cause a serious harm by (1) founding the DAP; (2) bringing Adolf Hitler into the party; and (3) helping him to give DAP the powerful enough start (kick if you will) to bring it 15 years later to an absolute power in Germany.

Some can attribute this absolutely unique and generally miraculous success to just a stroke of pure luck. I do not believe in “luck” – especially knowing that another “stroke of pure luck” (Reichstag Fire started by a genuinely insane Marinus van der Lubbe) handed to Adolf Hitler the absolute power in Germany on a plate.

One “stroke of luck” can be (reluctantly) accepted as such; two absolutely can not.

Which means that The Thule Society was a very special occult society indeed (the proof of the pudding is only in eating). Especially given another indisputable fact – it was the Thule Society that organized a citizens’ uprising in Munich as White troops entered the city on 1 May and thus put an end to Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Every serious occult organization (and Thule Society was by all accounts a very serious organization) has two layers – public and secret. The public layer contains activities, documents and members open to the general public (to the “uninitiated”).

The secret level is accessible only to the “initiated” – the “uninitiated” (not only the general public, but guests, guest speakers and those members who are not members of the “inner circle” of the society in question) are not aware even of the existence (let alone content) of the secret layer. Which contains information of real objective, resources, plans, strategies, plans, activities, etc. of the society in question.

Consequently, it will be completely safe to conclude that we have no information whatsoever about true objectives, plans, capabilities and activities of Thule Society. We can only infer (from actual events) that their objectives included bringing Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to absolute power in Germany and then using this power to win the existential war with Bolshevism (and thus save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the “Red Plague”).

Which has been achieved – albeit at a horrible (and largely unnecessary) cost.

Some leaders of some occult societies (true leaders, not those known as leaders to the uninitiated) claim that they have supernatural powers. Just about all of them are frauds – plain and simple.

The Thule Society appears to be an exception – again. Looks like there was someone in their inner circle who was capable of triggering the hidden talents of Adolf Hitler thus performing the radical and miraculous reengineering of the latter. In other words, performing the abovementioned personal Quantensprung.

Who he or she was (it could have easily been a she), how he or she did it, what supernatural powers and capabilities were used – we will never know. We only know that in early 1920 Adolf Hitler (who was never a fan of the occult and never even visited Thule Society – let alone been its member) moved to sever the party’s link with the Thule Society.

Which subsequently fell into decline and was dissolved about five years later, well before Hitler came to power. Its Divine Mission was accomplished – there was no point in its existence any longer. The moor has done his duty, the Moor may go.

So the Moor was gone. And Hitler’s rise to absolute power in Germany – to becoming its Führer – began.


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