His Essence

IMG_0446In this section I will cover what I believe is the professional and personal essence of Adolf Hitler. In other words, I will present his features/attributes that IMHO are the most fundamental; the ones that form the core of his very unique and enormously powerful personality. At the end of this chapter I present his fundamental desires that drove all his objectives, plans, decisions and actions.

Basically, this chapter contains a (rather long) answer to who Adolf Hitler was. He was a genius (no questions about that), a national sociopath, a political entrepreneur, a soldier, a mystic, a (very powerful and influential) orator, an artist and an architect.

One usually does not think about Adolf Hitler in two latter terms (few, if any historians view him as such), but in broad terms Adolf Hitler was one of the most successful and accomplished architects (only Joseph Stalin could have competed with him in this department) and artists in human history.

Why? Because by a broad definition, an architect is the one who designs and builds large and highly complex structures. And Adolf Hitler designed and build two highly complex and extremely large (gargantuan, actually) structures – the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and the Nazi State (the Führerstaat).

On top of that, he designed and built a whole unique civilization – one of the most complex (if not the most complex) – The Third Reich (Nazi Germany). Which was not a “mechanical system”, but a genuine work of art. Of a very dark art, sure, but still a work of art.

True, Adolf Hitler was a criminal (actually, one of the most horrible criminals in human history) but it was a consequence of him being a national-sociopath, not his essence. Which from the legal standpoint makes no difference, of course.

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