What This Series Is NOT

“The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany”  series presents a portrait of Nazi Germany which is very different from the one developed by “mainstream” historians (who even 70+ years after the end of the Third Reich failed to come up with a genuinely comprehensive, objective and unbiased guide to Nazi Germany).

Given the abundance of laws that stipulate what can and can not be said publicly about the Third Reich, it is necessary to make vitally important clarifications.

First, this book is NOT “Holocaust revisionism” (let alone “Holocaust denial”). The totality of evidence (physical and documentary) and statements by victims, perpetrators and witnesses leads to one and only one conclusion: (a) the Holocaust happened exactly the way the mainstream historians say it happened and (b) the death toll was, indeed, between four and six million people – exactly as claimed by the mainstream historians.

Consequently, the so-called “Holocaust denial” (“Holocaust revisionism”) is not history, but blatant Judeophobic propaganda and hate crime. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to criminalize Holocaust denial.

Racism (of any kind) and anti-Semitism (Judeophobia) are scientifically wrong and morally disgusting. And therefore, must be completely and ruthlessly eradicated from human society.

This guide is not “Nazi revisionism” either. I do not pretend that Nazis did not commit enormous and horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity (they did) or justify these heinous crimes. These crimes can (and must) be explained (i.e., we must know why they were committed), but NEVER justified.

I do not endorse Nazi (or neo-Nazi) ideology either. Just the opposite – I prove beyond the reasonable doubt that this ideology was not only criminal, but created a highly distorted and very inaccurate perception of reality.

Which inevitably made Nazis commit enormous and incredible blunders. Blunders that ultimately led to their defeat in WW2 and to the demise of the Third Reich and cost many thousands of Nazis their very lives.

I am only looking for the truth about the Third Reich – and I firmly believe that no matter what the Truth is, it is worth discovering, preaching and defending. Including the Truth about Nazi Germany.

Oh, and there is no such thing as “mainstream” and “revisionist” history. There is only history (in a scientific sense) and propaganda (I will explain the key differences shortly).

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