Why Write Another Book on Adolf Hitler?

IMG_0451Non-fiction books (actually all books) are written because the author of the book in question wants to create value. Functional value (for oneself and for the readers), some emotional value (ditto) and financial value (in other words, to make some money for oneself). And this book – “The Essential Guide to Adolf Hitler” – is no exception.

I wrote this book for myself because I had been a Nazi Germany history buff almost as long as I remember myself (from the age of five at least). And always wanted (actually, needed) a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Der Führer.

Unfortunately, such a book simply did not exist (and still does not exist) so I – like many non-fiction writers had to write it myself.

In my past life, I spent several years working for a corporate finance department of a major European investment bank. It is very true that “once an investment banker – always an investment banker” so I view every project as a business venture project that must (directly or indirectly) produce an acceptable return (in terms of money and fame) of time and effort that I decided to invest into this project.

I consider this book to be a worthwhile investment because there are millions of English-reading Nazi Germany history buffs worldwide, who – like myself – want and need a comprehensive, objective and unbiased book that will contain all knowledge (not just information, but genuine knowledge) about Adolf Hitler.

And need it badly enough to pay about €20 or so for an e-book (I seriously doubt that these days anyone reads a paper book).

Why such a book still does not exist? Primarily for three reasons – two functional, one ideological. First, there is so much data and information about Adolf Hitler (both primary and secondary) that the author of such a book must be able to very efficiently (a) select all relevant data and information; (b) structure them in an optimal way; (c) extract the necessary knowledge from these information and data; and (4) structure and present this knowledge in the most digestible way for a typical Nazi Germany history buff.

To succeed in this all-important endeavor, the author must have solid education and training and extensive experience in knowledge management. Something no “professional” or “amateur” historian currently possesses (worlds of history and knowledge management are, alas, different Universes). But I do.

Second, from a professional (occupation) perspective, Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur. Consequently, to understand him, one must understand political entities that he created – his party (NSDAP), his Führerstaat (the Nazi State) and his civilization – the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich). The latter was a very unique and highly complex civilization.

All three are highly complex systems which could be adequately (let alone efficiently) analyzed only by a well-trained, very experienced and thus highly systems analyst. Again, no historian of Nazi Germany (“professional” or “amateur”) is a systems analyst. And I am.

And, finally, just about all books on Adolf Hitler are not history at all, but propaganda. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Mostly anti-Nazi propaganda; however, there are also surprisingly many books that can be classified only as neo-Nazi propaganda.

Consequently, there are practically no books available today that offer genuinely scientific, unbiased and objective knowledge (the Truth) about Adolf Hitler. Knowledge that every Third Reich history buff desperately needs.

My first degree is in theoretical nuclear physics and my second – MBA in Information Systems (from the University of Texas at Arlington). This fundamental education (conditioning, if you will) and my subsequent experience in investment banking (corporate finance), strategic management consulting and knowledge management made me a completely unbiased and objective scientist.

Which every historian – whether “professional” or “amateur” MUST be.

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